Author: RL Miller

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When it comes to offshore oil drilling, GOP isn’t interested in “states’ rights”, just big oil’s rights

You’ve probably heard Trump’s utterly baseless claim that wind farms cause cancer (and we’re not going to bother with a rebuttal, because you already know that he lies when he opens his mouth) — but did you see his sneaky effort to make it easier to disregard states’ concerns regarding offshore oil drilling? By RL […]

April 19th

It’s not too late to block dirty oil lobbyist David Berhnardt from heading the Interior Department

Longtime fossil fuel lobbyist – and walking conflict of interest – David Bernhardt has been formally nominated to head the Interior Department. He’ll use his position to enrich fossil fuel businesses at the expense of the American people – starting with opening the entire Atlantic Coast to oil drilling. And the Senate is voting on […]

March 26th

Drain the Swamp: Trump begs TVA to stick with coal

Do you know John Prine’s song about Paradise, in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky? It was paradise until Mr. Peabody’s coal train hauled it all away. Long after the song protesting the horrors of strip mining made Paradise famous, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) realized that burning coal didn’t make any economic sense. Now it’s preparing to […]

February 12th

NRCC launches disgusting ad, accusing Curbelo’s Climate Hawk opponent of taking coal money

The brazen attack by Republicans on Debbie Mucarsel-Powell took my breath away. The National Republican Congressional Committee released an ad late last week claiming that climate hawk Debbie Mucarsel-Powell’s “campaign is flooded with dirty coal money, the very polluters that threaten our way of life in the Keys.” By RL Miller Climate Hawks Vote Yep, […]

November 5th