Author: RL Miller

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Why on earth is Donald Trump colluding with Russia? Yes, I said it — it’s collusion. Collusion in undermining our democracy and our liveable climate. Connect the dots between the Russia crisis and the climate crisis. By RL Miller Putin doesn’t hide his embrace of Big Oil. In the infamous Helsinki press conference, one of […]

July 19th

Action! Brett Kavanaugh would be Scott Pruitt on the Supreme Court – tell your Senator to vote NO!

A liveable climate. Not to mention reproductive rights, voting rights, immigration, LGBT equality, workers’ rights — it’s all on the line. Any and every civil liberty we hope to have in this country could be dismantled or blocked by Brett Kavanaugh — unless the Senate mounts a defense and stops Trump’s Supreme Court takeover. One commentator […]

July 12th

Why is the Climate Solutions Caucus taking on climate peacocks like Jenkins, Posey and Guthrie?

Bill Posey (R-FL-08), Lynn Jenkins (R-KS-02), and Brett Guthrie (R-KY-02) have joined the Climate Solutions Caucus as the newest climate peacocks. At some point — and that point has passed — the Climate Solutions Caucus needs to justify its existence. Its proponents point to the caucus’ work in defeating the Perry amendment on July 13, 2017 — nearly […]

June 21st

GOP reps in Climate Solutions Caucus fail to protect climate

Today, the House of Representatives voted on Rep. Louie Gohmert’s “social cost of carbon” amendment to H.R. 5895, the energy/water appropriations bill. An analysis of roll call vote no. 253 shows that 22 Republicans on the Climate Solutions Caucus voted with their GOP colleagues to forbid EPA from taking into account the benefits of reducing climate emissions when […]

June 8th

Drain the Swamp: Tell Congress to fire Scott Pruitt

On Thursday April 26th, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt will testify before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Along with our allies, we aim to deliver more than a quarter million signatures as part of our petition demanding Pruitt be fired. By RL Miller Climate Hawks Vote If you haven’t yet: Tell Congress to fire Pruitt. The press […]

April 24th

Election 2018: DAPL pipeline is the difference in this Iowa primary

Climate matters. Primaries matter. Flipping seats from Republican to Democrat matters. That’s at the heart of Climate Hawks Vote work, and it’s why we’re endorsing Tom Heckroth in Iowa’s First District. Simply put, this primary presents a clear contrast between Tom, standing up for clean air, clean water, and an America free from its dependence on […]

April 18th

Last chance to stop a climate denier running NASA

Showdown: The last chance for homophobic climate denier Jim Bridenstine to run NASA. And our last chance to stop him. By RL Miller Climate Hawks Vote On September 1, 2017, Trump nominated bigoted climate denier Jim Bridenstine to run NASA, which oversees the satellites that measure climate pollution and help protect us from fossil-fueled storms. […]

April 17th

Election 2017: Climate Hawks voted, Climate Hawks WON!

Climate hawks won big battles last night in an ocean-vast election: a big beautiful blue wave on the surface, and the deeper one dives, the deeper the blue. Here are just some of the climate-hawk victories last night. By RL Miller Climate Hawks Vote With Democrats taking the governorships, Virginia will stay in, and New Jersey […]

November 8th

Action! Tell you Senator we don’t need an anti-science politician to head NASA

The testimony of Jim Bridenstine to be NASA administrator showed an utter disregard for NASA’s own climate science. Bridenstine is unfit to lead America’s flagship science agency. As a partisan Congressman, he wrote a bill that would have ended NASA funding of earth science – including the same satellites that tracked hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and […]

November 3rd

Drain the swamp: Trump pulls non-scientist Russia-meddler Sam Clovis’ nomination to be top USDA scientist

Trump’s nomination of non-scientist Sam Clovis to be chief scientist at the Department of Agriculture has been pulled. News reports indicate that Clovis hired both Carter Page and George Papadopoulos for the Trump presidential campaign. Furthermore, Clovis acted as supervisor to George Papadopoulos and encouraged Papadopoulos to go to Moscow during the 2016 presidential campaign. By RL […]

November 2nd

Climate Change Action: Are you mad at the 69 “Disaster Deplorables” who voted against hurricane relief?

Sixty-nine Republicans in the the House of Representatives voted against the $36 billion relief package for the survivors of climate disasters including hurricanes that struck Puerto Rico, Texas, and Florida, and wildfires now devastating California. Requiring a two-thirds vote, the bill was passed 353-69 thanks to unanimous Democratic support. As the U.S. Senate is not […]

October 14th