Author: Steve Hanley

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GM and Ford double down on SUVs, miss the boat on EVs

According to a report by Reuters, both GM and Ford have revealed their marketing plans for the North American market over the next several years and they call for lots of shiny new SUVs with infernal combustion engines and a trickle of electric vehicles. By Steve Hanley Cleantechnica Based on data supplied by both automakers to AutoForecast […]

April 1st

Imagine plugging your EV into a streetlight! It’s happening NOW

Siemens, in partnership with EV charging company ubitricity, has converted all 24 lamp posts along Sutherland Avenue — all one kilometer of it — in the Westminster section of London to serve as EV charging stations.  Now that the work has been completed, there are over 300 EV chargers in Westminster, according to a Siemens press release. […]

March 25th

Coronavirus: Could automakers retool to make ventilators? It’s not that simple.

Whether it’s part patriotism, part profit incentive, or part a desire to keep idled auto workers busy, the world’s automakers are saying they could begin making medical ventilators instead of cars. According to CNN, Ford released a statement Wednesday night saying, “As America’s largest producer of vehicles and top employer of autoworkers, Ford stands ready to help […]

March 21st

VW thinks it has a winning formula for EV batteries: More Nickel

Frank Blome, head of battery cell development at Volkswagen, told analysts on a conference call recently that his company will increase the amount of nickel used in its electric car battery cells to 80% next year. At the present time, VW battery cells are 65% nickel, 15% cobalt, and 20% manganese. In addition to the […]

March 20th

The Coronavirus pandemic and the death of compassion

As things appear now, the world is looking at 2 to 3 months of extreme disruption from the COVID-19 virus. Schools, government offices, factories, and restaurants will be largely shut down. People will attempt to stay 6 feet or more away from all other people for fear of contracting the coronavirus. By Steve Hanley  Cleantechnica […]

March 17th

Elections have consequences: VA’s new Dem majority passes sweeping clean energy and climate plan

The Virginia legislature this week passed a sweeping carbon reduction and renewable energy plan. The legislation will make Virginia a leader among US states when it comes to addressing the risks posed by an overheating planet. The Washington Post reports that the Clean Economy Act will create many new employment opportunities in wind and solar industries as the […]

March 10th

In Australia, Hornsdale Battery for solar power backup has stabilized the grid and lowered costs

Engineering consultant Aurecon Group said in a statement last week the Hornsdale battery installed two years ago in South Austrialia has exceeded expectations for the way it has stabilized the grid and lowered grid related costs. So far, the Hornsdale facility has successfully met the challenge of three major system outages and reduced network costs […]

March 10th