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Video: Occidental Petroleum gets to write its very own Coronavirus bailout (with YOUR money)

At first, Occidental Petroleum had too many employees and too much revenue to qualify for federal aid. So how did the major oil and gas company ultimately get the bailout it wanted? In the following video from The Years Project, investigative reporter Zorka Milin explains how the company lobbied for rule changes. By The Years […]

July 16th

Years Project: The link between the coronavirus and particulate air pollution (Video)

There’s a link between #coronavirus and fossil fuel-related deaths. It’s revealing just how deadly the air we breathe has always been, even before the pandemic hit. By Maggie Badore The Years Project Coronavirus and Fossil Fuels: Airborne Killers There’s a link between #coronavirus and fossil fuel-related deaths. It’s revealing just how deadly the air we breathe […]

May 7th

Tips for talking about carbon pricing (Videos!)

As actress and activist Nikki Reed learned during the second season of YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY, there’s a growing number of people who are working to solve climate change by pushing for a price on carbon. Carbon pricing is an economic tool that encourages polluters to switch to clean energy, by making the cost of polluting high. It’s […]

May 4th

California’s wine industry works toward a sustainable future

In the wine world, it is said that a vine that struggles produces better wine. But in California, long-term drought, temperature spikes, and recent wildfires continue to test this theory, and the wine industry has taken notice. Not only that, industry leaders are starting to take action. By The Years Project Just north of San Francisco, […]

August 18th

Video: Climate and Virginia’s Next Governor

Where do Democrat Ralph Northam and Republican Ed Gillespie, the two candidates in Virginia’s tight race for governor stand on climate change? Just in time for the election, our new video takes a look at each candidate’s opinion on sea level rise, clean power and pipeline building. Will Virginia’s voters put climate on the ballot? […]

November 3rd

Years Project Video: FERC is poised to get a lot more powerful (& that’s bad for the climate)

Most Americans don’t think about the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) much, but the agency has a lot more power over their lives than they might realize. FERC plays a big role in deciding what energy projects get approved in the U.S., and the current administration has appointed a number of friends of the fossil […]

October 20th