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Tonight at 8:30 pm – observe Earth Hour

Today’s the 25th of March…and that means that tonight is Earth Hour! 😍 At 8:30 pm wherever you are, we invite you to be part of the #BiggestHourForEarth by switching off your lights and spending an hour doing something – anything – positive for our one home. It may not seem like much, but if you […]

March 25th

NYC Audubon will drop name of slaveholding founder

After a rigorous assessment, New York City Audubon’s Board of Directors voted on March 20, 2023 to change the organization’s name, dropping “Audubon” and beginning a process to develop a new name that represents what we do, embodies our organizational values, and is inclusive and welcoming to all New Yorkers. While we value John James […]

March 23rd

Greta Thunberg and Sophia Kianni face disgusting misogyny from climate deniers

Happy Women’s History Month! Unfortunately, it comes as no surprise that the climate disinformation sphere is once again filled with misogynistic attacks against women climate activists. By Climate Denier Roundup Recently, Greta Thunberg was targeted on social media for allegedly deleting a 2018 tweet that linked to an article that predicted climate change would wipe out humanity by 2023.  However, […]

Children’s Trust – 18 GOP Attorneys’ General request to intervene in youth climate lawsuit. Judge says NO

On Tuesday, U.S. District Court Judge Ann Aiken denied 18 Republican attorneys’ general request to intervene as defendants in the children’s constitutional climate case, Juliana v. United States. She indicated that when her ruling comes down on the plaintiffs’ motion for leave to amend, the states could attempt to refile their motion, suggesting a ruling may be […]

March 16th

Rage against Willow – Indigenous Environmental Network calls out Biden for breaking his climate pledge

The morning of Monday, March 13, 2023, the Biden Administration released its final decision approving three drilling sites for the Willow Master Development Plan, otherwise known as the Willow Project that threatens local communities, wildlife, and the global climate. This is a massive oil drilling development on Alaska’s North Slope, which is a stretch of […]

March 14th

Why is Greta Thunberg opposing (some) wind farms?

Protests against wind farms in Norway have sparked a resurgence of wind energy disinformation, since climate deniers can’t seem to wrap their heads around the fact that environmental justice activists can advocate in favor of wind energy while also objecting to green colonialism and the destruction of Indigenous ways of life. (Or maybe they’re actually just jumping […]

This student was overwhelmed by ‘alarmist’ environmental education. So she designed her own college course.

Sage Lenier’s sustainability course at UC Berkeley focuses on solutions. Now she’s launching a nonprofit to equip students with the knowledge to help solve the climate crisis. By Jessica Kutz The 19th News Sage Lenier attended her first environmental class as a high schooler in Corona, California in 2015. It was an AP course that […]

February 26th

In rural America, right-to-repair laws are the leading edge of a pushback against growing corporate power

As tractors became more sophisticated over the past two decades, the big manufacturers allowed farmers fewer options for repairs. Rather than hiring independent repair shops, farmers have increasingly had to wait for company-authorized dealers to arrive. Getting repairs could take days, often leading to lost time and high costs. Leland Glenna, Penn State The Conversation […]

February 22nd

Biden administration announces plans on equity, renewables, environmental justice

Three environmentally important announcements came from the Biden administration this month. Reinforcing an effort he signed into action on his first day in office, the president on Thursday ordered federal agencies to provide annual plans to guarantee that underserved communities can actually benefit from their policies. They must also designate a senior leader to promote racial equity and foster […]

February 21st

Europe has avoided blackouts from Putin’s Ukraine war, but Pakistan and India haven’t been so lucky

Through a year of war in Ukraine, the U.S. and most European nations have worked to help counter Russia, in supporting Ukraine both with armaments and in world energy markets. Russia was Europe’s main energy supplier when it invaded Ukraine, and President Vladimir Putin threatened to leave Europeans to freeze “like a wolf’s tail” – […]

February 19th

Earth Matters – Tesla fires union organizers at Buffalo plant

On Wednesday, Laura Clawson reported on workers’ efforts to organize a union at Tesla’s Buffalo, N.Y., facility. Today, CNBC reports that 30 of them have been fired. By Meteor Blades In a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board, Workers United said Tesla fired more than 30 workers from its Autopilot unit at a Buffalo plant as a retaliatory […]

February 17th

Mexico doesn’t want GMO corn from the US. Why are we trying to force it on them?

Environmental groups on Tuesday accused the Biden administration of putting the profits of big agribusiness over public health and critical pollinators by attempting to obstruct the Mexican government’s ongoing push to ban genetically engineered corn. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams “The U.S.’s shameful efforts to strong-arm Mexico into accepting GE corn it has rejected is […]

February 15th

GOP-led committee erases ‘environmental justice’ (but that won’t erase environmental racism)

Back in 1991, President George H.W. Bush’s chief of staff, John Sununu, told White House staffers not to discuss “climate change” or “global warming.” In 2012, the Republican administration of Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett ordered the state’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to remove the term “climate change” from its website. In 2015, the North Carolina-controlled […]

February 9th