Environmental Justice

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Puerto Rico blackout shows need for environmental justice

The power outage in Puerto Rico is on track to become the second largest blackout in world history, surpassed only by the outage from Hurricane Haiyan. As climate change worsens and sea levels rise, we can expect more damage from hurricanes, as higherstorm surge reaches much further inland. And climate change is already contributing to increased hurricane activity in the North […]

New drive to privatize Indian reservations has much in common with past efforts to steal Native land

A fresh effort to pry more land from the indigenous people of the United States is on the Trump regime’s agenda. It’s promoted on the grounds that this will benefit American Indian tribes. Behind the idea is yet another of the centuries-long rip-offs of Indian land and destruction of tribes. The real benefits of the privatization would accrue […]

December 31st

“We want to breathe, too.” 8 downwind states sue EPA to block smog from 9 upwind states

For a long time, northeast and mid-Atlantic states have complained that pollution from coal-fired power plants and other sources has been carried eastward by the wind from their origins in other states. Consequences? More ground-level ozone that creates or worsens smog in the downwind states. By Meteor Blades Studies have shown smog to be especially harmful to […]

December 28th

‘I will fight no more forever.’ The iconic words of Nez Perce Chief Joseph that he never said

This year marks the 27th anniversary of the first National Native American Heritage Month declared by President George H.W. Bush. It’s one of the few times American Indians are anything but stereotypes or invisible. Unfortunately, while Indians and some of our allies make an effort to correct the historical record, too many myths continue to thrive. […]

November 24th

I am deeply thankful for the resistance

We live in an era of chaos and potentially catastrophic change at a level humans have never previously seen. That being the case, I am struck by how callous our leaders are in failing to cease with their bullshit instead of doing everything possible to save our butts or at least come to some equitable agreement on triage. […]

November 23rd

Behind Jerry Brown’s green facade lurks dirty oil and environmental injustice

During a joint conference of the European Parliament on Tuesday, Governor Jerry Brown urged European leaders to link California’s controversial cap-and-trade program with the European Union emissions trading system and other carbon markets. However, not mentioned in most of the largely fawning media reports of Brown’s whirlwind European climate tour is that the legislation extending California’s cap-and-trade program for another 10 years, AB 398, […]

November 9th

WaterFix Chaos, Colonized Delta, and California Democracy

In water agencies all over California right now, fevered phone calls between general managers and directors and attorneys and engineers are likely happening because of Westlands Water District’s vote to reject California Delta Tunnels/ WaterFix on September 19th. By Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla and Tim Stroshane Restore the Delta Will the Delta Tunnels project have to get […]

September 27th

Hurricane Harvey left Houston residents breathing benzene

After Hurricane Harvey’s flooding caused an oil tank in Houston’s Manchester neighborhood to cave in, private monitors found benzene levels that far exceeded health guidelines By Lisa Song and Al Shaw, ProPublica, and Kiah Collier, The Texas Tribune As a longtime resident of Manchester, Guadalupe Hernandez is used to the chemical smells that waft through his southeast Houston, […]

September 18th

Ecojustice: Hurricanes hurt people unequally

Sonali Kolhatkar is the founder, host and executive producer of “Rising Up With Sonali,” a television and radio show that airs on Free Speech TV and Pacifica stations. She is co-director of the Afghan Women’s Mission, a U.S.-based non-profit solidarity organization that funds the social, political, and humanitarian projects of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan. By […]

September 17th

Native American tribes want names of racist bigots stripped from Yellowstone National Park

Tribes will rally Saturday to demand names of white supremacist killers be removed at Yellowstone: By Meteor Blades The Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council, which represents all tribes in Montana and Wyoming, has been calling for the name changes since December 2014. One is Mount Doane named for Gustavus Cheyney Doane. He was prominent in the first […]

September 14th

Hurricane Harvey: Playing the blame game

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey — the most destructive storm ever to strike the United States — the finger pointing has begun and the blame game is in full swing. Climate activists claim Hurricane Harvey is proof that climate change is increasing the likelihood of more powerful storms. Climate deniers say, “Storms happen. Get […]

September 2nd