Occupy Wall Street

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James Howard Kunstler: Occupy Everything

I dropped in on the Occupy Wall Street crowd down in Zuccotti Park last Thursday. It was like 1968 all over again, except there was no weed wafting on the breeze (another WTF?). The Boomer-owned-and-operated media was complaining about them all week. They were “coddled trust-funders” (an odd accusation made by people whose college enrollment status got them a draft deferment, back when college cost $500 a year). Then there was the persistent nagging over the “lack of an agenda,” as if the US Department of Energy, or the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs was doing a whole lot better

This is the funniest part to me: that leaders of a nation incapable of constructing a coherent consensus about reality can accuse its youth of not having a clear program. If the OWS movement stands for anything, it’s a dire protest against the country’s leaders’ lack of a clear program.

October 11th

Cops in at least 5 cities threaten crackdown on Occupy Wall Street; Boston camp #2 broken up

Police forces in five major cities all just happened to decide to make a major alpha-male display on the same night? And all backed down, except for Boston – where the cops took out the smaller, overflow camp (with the justification that the occupiers were “endangering the plantings in the park!).
This is weird. And creepy. And stinks of some kind of national coordination.Up next: Seattle police have issued a similar warning to Occupy Seattle, and are threatening mass arrests if they don’t leave Westlake Plaza.

October 10th

OWS: Veterans beaten, arrested at Occupy Boston

Now with video. Veterans For Peace were arrested and beaten, flags trampled under foot, and all the demonstrators possessions – tents, gear, everything – were loaded into garbage trucks and crushed.Meanwhile, Atlanta police came out in force, but as of now (12:30 Eastern) they appear to have stood down.

October 10th

Occupy Sesame Street!

Because revolution should, first and foremost, be fun – and not take itself too seriously.
There are now more than 1000 spin-off actions of Occupy Wall Street – from Occupy Albuquerque to Occupy Yucca Valley. But… can you tell me how to get to Occupy Sesame Street?
It is, indeed, truly outrageous that 1% of the monsters get 99% of the cookies…

October 8th

Solidarity: Occupy Wall Street + the Climate Movement

Let’s show the activists in New York (and in cities all over the country and the world) that the climate movement stands in solidarity with them. Share this image on Facebook, post it on Twitter, and consider joining a local “occupation” near you. Engage in dialogue and join the conversation that is shaping one of the most exciting grassroots movements in recent memory.

October 8th

Does Occupy Wall Street spell the end of the Tea Party?

Today, however, the future of the Tea-Party – and in fact Tea-Party Republicanism – is in doubt. The reason is simple: the Occupy Wall Street message, which to all who are listening is loud and clear despite the deafness of those caught up in the old paradigm of Twentieth Century politics, resonates with the Libertarian faction of the so-called Tea-Party and the Republicans.

October 6th

Cops get violent vs Occupy Wall Street

After a day in which 15 to 20,000 people marched peacefully in New York City, we are now entering a night in which police are cracking down, brutally, on the protest. As of 10 pm, there were reports on Twitter that the New York Police Department had barricaded the Occupy Wall Street headquarters in Zucatti park, were threatening arrests, and helicopters were hovering overheard.

October 5th

It’s the media that’s clueless, not the OWSers

All last week across the media landscape, in pod, blog, flat-screen, and crunkly old newsprint columns, fatuous professional observers complained that the Occupy Wall Street marchers “have no clear agenda” or “can’t articulate their positions.” What impertinent horseshit.

It is cosmically ironic, of course, that the same generation of Boomer-hippies that ran in the streets and marched through the maze of service roads around the Pentagon has become a new “establishment” more obtuse, feckless, greedy and mendacious than the one they battled with over 40 years ago. I guess they just don’t see that their time has come to get right with reality – or get shoved aside and trampled.

October 3rd

Occupy Wall Street’s first official release

This was unanimously voted on by all members of Occupy Wall Street last night, around 8pm, Sept 29. It is our first official document for release. We have three more underway, that will likely be released in the upcoming days: 1) A declaration of demands. 2) Principles of Solidarity 3) Documentation on how to form your own Direct Democracy Occupation Group.

October 1st