Occupy Wall Street

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James Howard Kunstler: Undermining the globe

By James Howard Kunstler News that that a swarm of termites deep inside the British banking system have been fiddling the interbank interest rates (LIBOR) for years in order to systematically vacuum a few billion pence off the exchange floors for themselves is the latest blow to the credibility of the global money system – and […]

Does the government care if you’re reading David Brin?

By David Brin Your e-reader is reading you, tracking and collecting data on your bookish habits. When and where did you put the book down? Or take notes?  Or reread a passage? Publishers now have access to detailed information about exactly how people use a book. Did most readers finish?  Which sections did readers favorite or ‘highlight’? The […]

As the Rockies burn, Aspen fiddles

By James Howard Kunstler The techno-narcissism flowed like a melted Slurpee this torrid weekend at the annual Aspen Environment Forum where scores of scientists, media figures, authors, professors, and policy wonks convened to settle the world’s hash – at least in theory. The trouble started Friday night when Stewart Brand, 74, impresario of The Whole […]

June 25th

James Howard Kunstler: Broke

By James Howard Kunstler The story-line behind the convulsions shaking the money centers of the world is such a hopeless labyrinth of mathematical metaphysics because abstraction unto infinity is the last refuge of those seeking to evade reality. This is why individual human beings faced with terrible choices go crazy, and it is true of […]

June 18th

James Howard Kunstler: Rectally extracted banking

By James Howard Kunstler With the kind of aplomb characteristic of a waiter lifting the silver serving dome to expose a roasted goose, Europe has looked deep into its organs of finance and produced 100 billion E-bucks for the ailing banks of sad-sack nephew Spain. Where did all that money come from? Out of Europe’s […]

June 11th

Kunstler: Welcome to the wormhole

By James Howard Kunstler Now we get to the really fun part of the global unwind where even money flowing into supposedly safe havens turns, presto change-o, into an evaporation of wealth, and all of the lawyer-lobbyists who ever double-parked on K Street in the sorry history of this frantic era will not avail to […]

GOP plan to win back the presidency? Kill jobs

By Congressman George Miller There are a number of factors that are negatively affecting the American economy, the Euro-crisis being one of the most significant that is out of our control.  But make no mistake about what we are seeing here in our own country that is crippling middle class families and hurting our overall […]

JP Morgan: They’re gambling with YOUR money

Why is gambling illegal? Because the lure of easy money is a powerful inducement to do things that are stupid. We saw that in spades earlier this month, as JP Morgan ‘fessed up to the banking equivalent of dropping $2 billion dollars on stupid bets at the racetrack. The siren song of easy money can lure […]

May 24th

Financial meltdown: What’s the Volker rule?

Once again, we’re seeing the fundamental truth: The banks and businessmen who insist we can’t afford to build a clean-energy green economy are perfectly happy to blow tens or hundreds of billions of dollars on stupid bets… We’ll be writing a lot this week about the impending meltdown at JP Morgan, which two weeks ago […]

May 24th

Negative politics: Oil companies benefit from a paralyzed political landscape

The NRDC Action Fund just released a book called Reckless: The Political Assault on the American Environment, about the House Republican majority that cast more than 200 votes against environmental safeguards last year. We aren’t the only ones dismayed by the rise in GOP extremism. Republican leaders are too. This week, two esteemed conservative thinkers published a must-read […]