Criminal Justice

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Portland mothers form human shield to protect protesters from Federal agents. Feds respond with gas and pepper rounds.

Angered over the arrival of federal agents in Portland, Oregon, where racial justice protests have been ongoing for nearly two months, dozens of mothers from across the city joined demonstrators over the weekend to form a “Wall of Moms.” The human shield was formed by the mothers to protect hundreds of demonstrators assembling in the city who […]

July 21st

‘Outrageous and Chilling’: Police Condemned for Charging Peaceful Environmentalists With ‘Terrorizing’ in Louisiana

At least 40 U.S. climate and environmental advocacy groups on Friday rallied behind two Louisiana Bucket Brigade activists who are facing felony “terrorizing” charges for leaving a box of plastic pellets collected from Texas waters near a coastal Formosa Plastics facility on the doorstep of a fossil fuel lobbyist in December 2019. By Jessica Corbett […]

June 28th

Liveblog: Occupy LA under assault now. Philly, too

Sigh. I was preparing a post on how much better the Los Angeles Police Department had handled themselves than the NYPD. It really looked like things were going to be civilized. But now…. UPDATE: Looks like they handled themselves well. Minimum arrests, no violence. UPDATE: Apparently Occupy Philadelphia has also been evicted. Livestream | KTLA […]

November 29th

Occupy Wall Street – Zuccotti park under assault by NYPD

Liberty Square (Zuccotti Park), home of Occupy Wall Street for the past two months and birthplace of the 99% movement that has spread across the country and around the world, is presently being evicted by a large police force. The New York City Mayor’s office issued this statement at around 1o:00 pm. “Occupants of Zuccotti should temporarily […]

November 14th

Overwhelming force arrayed against Occupy Oakland

All the signs point toward an early morning assault on Occupy Oakland. There are already a number of police arrayed at entrance and exit routes around the Frank Ogawa Plaza, with word of as many as 700 staging in the vicinity. The officers seen so far do not seem to have badge numbers. Eviction notices […]

November 14th