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Bechtel family wades into California’s water wars

One reason a lot of powerful folks want to see a peripheral canal built in California is… money. A whole lot of money.

It’ll take billions to build the canal, there are billions to be made exporting vast amounts of water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta to Southern California (and to NorCal big agribusiness). And there will be more billions to be made cleaning up the mess that will make – because the same huge companies will bid on those contracts, too.

June 9th

Tar sands oil pipeline could contaminate US heartland

What a great idea. It’s not bad enough that Canada is devastating its own environoment in the name of oil… let’s export the devastation to the American Midwest as well! More on the trouble with big oil: Professor Juan Cole compares big oil to mass murderers Climate Change and Science – Cutting Through the Talking […]

June 5th

Chevron hits new low in corporate irresponsibility

Chevron issued its Corporate Responsibility report this week. But it’s the stuff they leave out that takes this from a positive report card to an epic failure. The good news: The oil giant claims to have done lots of awesome good stuff, including Achieved safest year in company history Reduced total energy consumption by 33 […]

May 6th

Bill McKibben at Powershift: It’s up to YOU to act

From college campuses across the country, ten thousand young climate activists have gathered in Washington DC this weekend for Powershift 2011 – a conference to train and empower activists on climate action and take that energy back out to the rest of the country. Bill McKibben, author and founder of, gave the one of […]

April 17th