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Tell Jerry Brown not to gut California’s environmental protection!

The Planning and Conservation League (PCL) on September 10 announced its opposition to controversial “reforms” of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) approved by the Legislature. This legislation to eviscerate CEQA is on its way to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk.
This sounds like yet another opportunity for corporate interests to greenwash their projects in order to short-circuit CEQA environmental protections.

September 12th

Climate action day coming September 24: Moving Planet

We’re not just a movement that opposes things, we’re also a movement that dreams of what’s coming. And we don’t just dream, we also transform those dreams into reality. On September 24, on bike and on foot and on boards, we’re going to point the way towards that future. By days’ end, we’ll have shown why the bicycle is more glamorous than the car, and why the people have the potential to be more powerful than the polluters.

September 6th

Tar sands battle plan, phase 2

By now you know what you accomplished: 1,253 arrests, according to some journalists the biggest civil disobedience action since 1977, and the most sustained since the epic campaigns of the civil rights movement. That was enough to take a regional issue and make it a national and even global one.
Here’s the plan for the next phase…

September 6th

After two weeks of tars sands pipeline protests, what’s next?

We are not going to do the president the favor of simply attacking him. Instead, with quiet determination, we’re going to hold this campaign to the standards of the last one. To me, the Obama campaign was always more important than the candidate. We have some ways, we hope, of trying to hold him to the standard he rallied us around 3 years ago.

September 5th

Bill McKibben’s tar sands update – hurricane edition

After one week of action and arrests in front of the White House, the activists fighting the dirty oil tar sands pipeline are taking a break while Hurricane Irene batters the east coast. But they’ll be back next week, pushing President Obama to stand up for the principals he ran on – including doing what we can to fight global warming.

August 27th

Arrests continue in White House tar sands protest

Nearly 300 environmental activists have been arrested outside the White House, including author Bill McKibben, founder of 350.0rg. They are calling on President Obama to block an oil pipeline that would dramatically increase US carbon output from dirty Canadian tar sands oil.

August 24th