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Tar sands battle plan, phase 2

By now you know what you accomplished: 1,253 arrests, according to some journalists the biggest civil disobedience action since 1977, and the most sustained since the epic campaigns of the civil rights movement. That was enough to take a regional issue and make it a national and even global one.
Here’s the plan for the next phase…

September 6th

After two weeks of tars sands pipeline protests, what’s next?

We are not going to do the president the favor of simply attacking him. Instead, with quiet determination, we’re going to hold this campaign to the standards of the last one. To me, the Obama campaign was always more important than the candidate. We have some ways, we hope, of trying to hold him to the standard he rallied us around 3 years ago.

September 5th

Bill McKibben’s tar sands update – hurricane edition

After one week of action and arrests in front of the White House, the activists fighting the dirty oil tar sands pipeline are taking a break while Hurricane Irene batters the east coast. But they’ll be back next week, pushing President Obama to stand up for the principals he ran on – including doing what we can to fight global warming.

August 27th

Arrests continue in White House tar sands protest

Nearly 300 environmental activists have been arrested outside the White House, including author Bill McKibben, founder of 350.0rg. They are calling on President Obama to block an oil pipeline that would dramatically increase US carbon output from dirty Canadian tar sands oil.

August 24th

Bechtel family wades into California’s water wars

One reason a lot of powerful folks want to see a peripheral canal built in California is… money. A whole lot of money.

It’ll take billions to build the canal, there are billions to be made exporting vast amounts of water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta to Southern California (and to NorCal big agribusiness). And there will be more billions to be made cleaning up the mess that will make – because the same huge companies will bid on those contracts, too.

June 9th

Tar sands oil pipeline could contaminate US heartland

What a great idea. It’s not bad enough that Canada is devastating its own environoment in the name of oil… let’s export the devastation to the American Midwest as well! More on the trouble with big oil: Professor Juan Cole compares big oil to mass murderers Climate Change and Science – Cutting Through the Talking […]

June 5th