Youth Climate Movement

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“Burning our way to destruction” – Kids are picking up climate change lessons (even if their parents aren’t)

With another school year wrapping up in a profoundly new fashion, now’s a good time to think about climate and education. After all, we know that because kids are particularly persuasive when it comes to making their dismissive or denier parents care about climate, putting denial in the classroom has long been a priority for the fossil fuel industry’s propagandists. […]

Climate change denial: Heartland pushes their alt-right Greta Thunberg clone

Greta Thunberg may not be traveling the world at this point, but she’s still driving deniers insane. She made an appearance (via video, of course) at the Oscars and has a forthcoming BBC docu-series. Not to worry though – deniers have a plan to counter her influence, beyond their current approach of raging misogyny. By Climate Denier Roundup Remember […]

February 11th

Greta Thunberg nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Two members of the Swedish Parliament have nominated 17-year-old Greta Thunberg for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. Jens Holm and Hakan Svenneling submitted her name just prior the expiration of the nominating period at midnight on January 31. Last year, she was nominated by a Norwegian legislator. According to the rules of the Nobel Prize committee, […]

February 3rd

Young conservatives want climate action

Newsflash: young conservatives want climate action (but we knew that.) According to a new survey issued by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, 80 percent of voters between the ages of 18 to 29 say that global warming is “a major threat to human life on earth.” 82 percent of women and 76 percent of men call […]

January 30th

WTF is going on with the axis of climate change denial and child abuse?

On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal published an op-ed by Lawrence Krauss criticizing the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists annual “Doomsday Clock” warning. While it’s no surprise to see the Journal giving space to someone to poo-poo warnings about the  climate crisis and other catastrophes, it is somewhat shocking to see Krauss published in such a high-profile outlet: Buzzfeed […]

January 27th

Schwarzenegger lends Greta Thunberg a Tesla

One of the very interesting things about the climate change activism as practiced by Greta Thunberg is that she walks the walk. She doesn’t do air travel, even for trips that cross oceans. Most recently, she made headlines for a speech at the United Nations in New York, but despite being from Europe, she didn’t […]

October 1st

Climate change activism: From Guthrie to Greta

I spent Earth Day in Tulsa, where I celebrated our planet with the good people of Oklahoma at Guthrie Green, a park and performance space right in the heart of town. This beautiful park’s named for a great Oklahoma poet and activist who directly inspired at least one Nobel laureate (not to mention The Boss), but for this Earth Day I […]

April 30th