100% renewable energy

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COP27 – How much should the US be paying for climate finance? (So far, we’re falling far short of our goals)

The US should be paying nearly $40bn towards the $100bn climate-finance target, new Carbon Brief analysis shows. In contrast, the US only actually put forward $8bn in 2020. By Josh Gabbatiss and Simon Evans Carbon Brief Other laggards include the UK, Canada and Australia, which all made smaller financial contributions to the internationally agreed target […]

November 12th

Getting to ‘net-zero’ emissions: How energy leaders envision countering climate change in the future

With the federal government promising over US$360 billion in clean energy incentives under the Inflation Reduction Act, energy companies are already lining up investments. It’s a huge opportunity, and analysts project that it could help slash U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by about 40% within the decade. Seth Blumsack, Penn State and Lara B. Fowler, Penn […]

October 19th

They keep saying the clean energy transition is too expensive – but it would actually SAVE $12 trillion

Peer-reviewed research released last week by a team at the University of Oxford reveals that transitioning to 100% clean energy within the next three decades could save not only lives and the planet but also $12 trillion. The study from the Oxford Martin Program on the Post-Carbon Transition, published in the journal Joule, comes as scientists continue to […]

September 21st

The most cost-effective energy efficiency investments you can make – and how the new Inflation Reduction Act could help

Energy efficiency can save homeowners and renters hundreds of dollars a year, and the new Inflation Reduction Act includes a wealth of home improvement rebates and tax incentives to help Americans secure those saving. It extends tax credits for installing energy-efficient windows, doors, insulation, water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners or heat pumps, as well as […]

September 5th

Divest from Fossil Fuels: Oil and gas built our modern civilization. Thanks! Now it’s time to move on.

Edward J. Drake may not be a household name, but he made our modern households possible when he drilled the world’s first oil well on August 27th, 1858. This Saturday, National Petroleum Day honors his contribution, as well as that of the countless innovations that flowed from that humble little well in Titusville, Pennsylvania producing just […]

August 28th

Maximizing solar and wind generation: An electricity market expert explains Curtailment

Curtailment has a special meaning in electric power systems. It describes any action that reduces the amount of electricity generated to maintain the balance between supply and demand – which is critical for avoiding blackouts. By Theodore J. Kury, University of Florida The Conversaiton Recently, curtailment has made news in states like California and Texas […]

G7 countries pledge to cut off new public financing of fossil fuels THIS YEAR

Stressing that concrete action—not just lofty rhetoric—is still needed, climate groups cautiously applauded G7 climate ministers on Friday for vowing to cut off new public financing for fossil fuels by the end of the year, a move that would help tackle a major source of oil and gas industry funding. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams A 39-page communique issued Friday […]

May 28th

Ukraine War is the opportunity to end fossil fuels, if Biden is willing to take it

Over 520 organizations told President Joe Biden on Wednesday to urgently “end the fossil fuel era” and commit to a rapid renewable energy transition rooted in justice and a more peaceful world. By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams The demand was delivered in a letter that points to a “cascade of emergencies” currently facing humanity including the climate crisis and Russia’s […]

April 28th

Citizens’ Climate Lobby: What does it mean to electrify everything?

On April 9, Keishaa Austin spoke at CCL’s monthly call on behalf of Rewiring America, a nonprofit organization “focused on electrifying everything in our communities.” Keishaa is Rewiring America’s Head of Engagement and Partnerships, and on the call, she discussed the case for electrifying everything and what it would look like for individuals to move toward electrification of their […]

Energy Security and Independence Act: Congress moves to invoke Defense Production Act to make clean energy a matter of national security

Sen. Bernie Sanders joined Democratic Reps. Cori Bush and Jason Crow on Wednesday in unveiling a bill that would leverage the Defense Production Act to ramp up renewable energy manufacturing in the U.S., a step the trio said would help fight the climate crisis and reduce the nation’s reliance on fossil fuels from Russia and Saudi […]

April 8th