100% renewable energy

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G7 countries pledge to cut off new public financing of fossil fuels THIS YEAR

Stressing that concrete action—not just lofty rhetoric—is still needed, climate groups cautiously applauded G7 climate ministers on Friday for vowing to cut off new public financing for fossil fuels by the end of the year, a move that would help tackle a major source of oil and gas industry funding. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams A 39-page communique issued Friday […]

May 28th

Ukraine War is the opportunity to end fossil fuels, if Biden is willing to take it

Over 520 organizations told President Joe Biden on Wednesday to urgently “end the fossil fuel era” and commit to a rapid renewable energy transition rooted in justice and a more peaceful world. By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams The demand was delivered in a letter that points to a “cascade of emergencies” currently facing humanity including the climate crisis and Russia’s […]

April 28th

Citizens’ Climate Lobby: What does it mean to electrify everything?

On April 9, Keishaa Austin spoke at CCL’s monthly call on behalf of Rewiring America, a nonprofit organization “focused on electrifying everything in our communities.” Keishaa is Rewiring America’s Head of Engagement and Partnerships, and on the call, she discussed the case for electrifying everything and what it would look like for individuals to move toward electrification of their […]

Energy Security and Independence Act: Congress moves to invoke Defense Production Act to make clean energy a matter of national security

Sen. Bernie Sanders joined Democratic Reps. Cori Bush and Jason Crow on Wednesday in unveiling a bill that would leverage the Defense Production Act to ramp up renewable energy manufacturing in the U.S., a step the trio said would help fight the climate crisis and reduce the nation’s reliance on fossil fuels from Russia and Saudi […]

April 8th

IPCC finds the world has its best chance yet to slash emissions – if we seize the opportunity

The world has its best chance yet to reduce greenhouse gas emissions quickly, but hard and fast cuts are needed across all sectors and nations to hold warming to safe levels, the global authority on climate change says. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, released Monday, says opportunities to affordably cut global emissions […]

April 5th

We NEED to build infrastructure – Will we choose a clean energy transition, or lock in more fossil fuels?

Tackling the current energy crisis in the short term and combating the climate emergency in the long term both require rapidly phasing out fossil fuels, a global group that promotes renewable energy said Tuesday. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams 📢New Outlook says #energycrisis intervention must be accompanied by steadfast focus on #EnergyTransition goals. A #renewables-based transition […]

April 2nd

Scientists to Biden: World Needs ‘Rapid Transition From Fossil Fuels to Renewable Energy’

“In this moment of climate emergency,” five scientists began a new open letter to U.S. President Joe Biden, “we write with utmost urgency to advise you and your administration to halt recent moves towards increasing fossil fuel production and instead take bold action to rapidly reduce fossil fuel extraction and infrastructure.” By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams Biologist Sandra […]

March 31st

We need to transition from methane to electric, but ‘natural gas’ is fighting back

Stoves that burn dirty methane gas, which the industry wants you to think of as “natural,” are, it turns out, dirtier than electric stoves, because burning stuff is generally not great for your lungs. Homes with gas stoves have approximately 50% to more than 400% higher average concentrations of NO2 pollution than homes with electric stoves, which […]

Jamie Dimon’s pro-fossil fuels ‘Marshall Plan’ would lock in dirty energy for 50 years

Amid a great deal of uncertainty about the world economy, energy, food, and other issues associated with the collateral damage from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there was a closed-door meeting among White House officials and top executives of oil companies and financial institutions Monday. President Joe Biden dropped in briefly, and JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon […]

March 25th

USPS could serve 99% of routes with an EV fleet (so why is DeJoy locking in costly fossil fuels?)

“A gas-guzzling fleet is clearly the wrong choice.” That’s what Congressman Jared Huffman (D-Calif.) said in response to a new report from the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General (OIG) about how transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs) would impact the USPS. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The OIG analysis, released last week, came as Huffman and other […]

March 24th

Don’t blame renewable energy for spiking energy prices — renewables are the solution!

Electricity, natural gas and oil prices have risen globally in recent months, causing hardship for many people around the world. Europe is at the center of the crisis, with natural gas prices increasing 400% last year, raising household bills and putting multiple energy companies out of business. By Joel Jaeger, Tatsatom Gonçalves, Arya Harsono and Lori Bird World Resources Institute Other countries like […]

January 25th