100% renewable energy

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GM and Ford double down on SUVs, miss the boat on EVs

According to a report by Reuters, both GM and Ford have revealed their marketing plans for the North American market over the next several years and they call for lots of shiny new SUVs with infernal combustion engines and a trickle of electric vehicles. By Steve Hanley Cleantechnica Based on data supplied by both automakers to AutoForecast […]

April 1st

Electrify everything – One sure-fire way to reduce contagion in coronavirus and future plagues

The Coronavirus is upending many things in the world. Tourism is dead for now. Planes are traveling empty. Everyone who can is working from home. St. Patrick’s Day was canceled. Even the Coronavirus Conference was cancelled. We’re all being asked to practice ‘social distancing’, and the introverts among us are gloating about having trained for […]

March 18th

Elections have consequences: VA’s new Dem majority passes sweeping clean energy and climate plan

The Virginia legislature this week passed a sweeping carbon reduction and renewable energy plan. The legislation will make Virginia a leader among US states when it comes to addressing the risks posed by an overheating planet. The Washington Post reports that the Clean Economy Act will create many new employment opportunities in wind and solar industries as the […]

March 10th

Podcast: Talking with Mark Z Jacobson about 100% Renewable Energy

In the first half of this special two-part episode of our CleanTech Talk podcast interview series, Michael Barnard, Chief Strategist of TFIE Strategy Inc. and CleanTechnica contributor, takes Zach Shahan’s place as host to talk with Mark Z. Jacobson, professor at Stanford University and cofounder of The Solutions Project, about transitioning the world to 100% renewable energy. By Winter […]

March 1st

Renewable energy developers ready to quit Australia over ridiculous government policies

At CleanTechnica, we like to feature all of the amazing clean energy projects taking place in Australia, despite hostility from the federal government. But there is trouble on the horizon. A lack of clear renewable energy policies from the Australian government and difficulty getting approval from the Australian Electricity Market Operator to connect new projects to the […]

February 27th