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Missing link for renewable energy storage – hot stones?

On Monday, the Danish minister of education and research, Tommy Ahlers, attended the official inauguration of a giant pilot facility that will use 600 degree hot stones to store energy. Speaking to, he said: “This could be the missing link in our renewable energy transformation.” (It’s arguable whether there really is a missing link, but that’s another story.) High-temperature thermal energy […]

March 21st

Townsville Australia is getting a big-ass Tesla Powerpack energy storage setup

Tesla is continuing its push into the lucrative Australian energy markets with a new contract for a 4MW/8MWh grid-scale battery for the Queensland utility in Townsville, Australia. By Kyle Field Cleantechnica The new installation will bring balance to Queensland’s government-owned grid and will serve to supplement the existing virtual power plant and grid-scale batteries on the Queensland […]

February 1st

Australia shaping up to be world leader in residential energy storage in 2019

Australia is expected to be the world’s largest residential energy storage market in 2019, accounting for 30% of global demand as household storage demand triples. Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) published one of its Shorts on Tuesday highlighting the major headline from its latest report, Australia Residential Storage to Triple, Despite High Cost. According to Bloomberg, state governments across Australia are […]

January 24th

Solar and storage are now HALF the cost of peaker gas plants

S&P Global reports the cost of solar with battery backup dropped precipitously in 2018. In a few cases in the sunny Southwest region of the United States, several tenders for solar plus storage came in at under $30 per megawatt-hour last year. Stand alone prices for installed battery storage — based on a 20 megawatt-hour system […]

January 14th

South Australia goes all in for solar (despite the Federal focus on coal)

The Australian federal government’s love affair with coal has reached new levels in recent years, with federal ministers bringing chunks of the mineral into parliament and donning high-visibility mining vests as pro-coal publicity stunts. Yet against this backdrop, one Australian state has managed to break global records in the renewable energy space. Recently, South Australia’s state government has announced not one but […]

November 20th

Don’t panic: New tech means there’s plenty of lithium to meet our battery needs for 100% Renewable Energy

The energy storage sector has been growing robustly, despite some concerns about the global supply chain for one key material, lithium. That question could soon be moot. The California-based startup Lilac Solutions has just received a major financial boost for an innovative, low-impact method for extracting lithium from abundant brines around the globe. By Tina […]

September 4th

Tesla’s Big Battery rescues Australia’s grid. Again.

Last Saturday afternoon, lighting strikes in Australia temporarily interrupted transmission lines that interconnect the electrical grids in the eastern part of the country. For a time, the grids in Queensland and South Australia were turned into energy islands, cut off from the national grid infrastructure. The Australian Energy Market Operator termed the incident a “power […]

August 31st