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2018 Year in Review: This year, hydrogen-powered trains started competing with standard rail

In September of 2018, two hydrogen passenger trains started operating on a 100-kilometer (62 mile) stretch of track between the towns and cities of Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven, Bremervoerde, and Buxtehude in northern Germany. The bright blue trains manufactured by the French company Alstom warmed the hearts of hydrogen die-hards globally. It’s the first commercial hydrogen-powered train in […]

December 30th

You don’t need a fuel tank for ships powered by renewable hydrogen (you’re floating on an ocean of fuel!)

The world of renewable hydrogen seems to be expanding these days, and the latest company to cross our radar on that topic is Joi Scientific of Clearwater, Florida. More precisely, it is headquartered at the Kennedy Space Center, which is what really got our attention. By Tina Casey Cleantechnica You could connect the dots between Joi’s renewable […]

September 27th

Hydrogen fuel cells – not there yet (but getting close)

Hydrogen, oh hydrogen. In the race to zero-emission vehicles, there is no clear winner. Battery electric vehicles require heavy batteries to carry them over long distances while the less-developed suite of technologies supporting hydrogen vehicles results in efficiencies that drive the price of hydrogen up, especially at current low volumes. But there’s more to it […]

August 13th