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Full transcript of the second 2012 Presidential Debate

CROWLEY: Good evening from Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. I’m Candy Crowley from CNN’s “State of the Union.” We are here for the second presidential debate, a town hall, sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates. CROWLEY: The Gallup organization chose 82 uncommitted voters from the New York area. Their questions will drive the […]

October 16th

Debate: Ryan doubles down on Romney’s green energy lies.

Well, that was a nice comeback. After a disappointing debate last week that left Obama on the ropes and Romney with a bit of a surge, the Vice Presidential debate featured strong performances by both candidates. Just as he did in his speech to the Republican Convention, Paul Ryan strayed rather far from the truth. […]

October 12th

David Brin: Dissecting Romney’s Etch-a-Sketch Moment

By David Brin Could the traits of a good president — unflappable calm, sober deliberation and dedication to facts — prove lethal to presidential candidate Barack Obama?  Last night’s first presidential debate showed us “no drama Obama” at his most wonkish, and the world called it a good night for Mitt Romney… …whose agility onstage was stunning in […]

October 4th

Romney’s $90 billion lie about green jobs and Solyndra

Of all the lies in last night’s debate, I think the one that annoyed me the most was Mitt Romney’s massive, overbearing lie about green jobs. He claimed that Obama had put $90 billion in one year into loan guarantees for green energy companies like Solyndra, and that half of them had failed. Leaving debate […]

October 4th

Mitt Romney hates wind energy. That hurts real families.

When Mitt Romney pushed his GOP colleagues to derail a bipartisan agreement and kill the wind energy tax credit over the summer, it was probably as abstract to him as calling 47 percent of Americans takers and moochers. It’s easy to push  policies based on high-sounding moral absolutes like “the government shouldn’t pick winners and […]

October 2nd

Donald Trump attacking windmills – why does he hate wind?

Why does the GOP hate wind power so much? For most of them, it seems they just love big oil too much and want to be faithful (family values!) You won’t find them running around with just any old energy source. In Donald Trump’s case, he’s got a little extra going, though. He recently tweeted (via): […]

September 26th

Is California screwing up its high-speed rail?

By BruceMcF The big news on the High Speed Rail front this week is the effort by the California Legislative Analyst to prevent the High Speed Rail project in California from breaking ground. This is in two of their recommendations: Fund Only Needed Administrative Tasks for Now. … only appropriate at this time the $7 million in […]

September 23rd

Romney’s policy on wind energy is a real job-killer

You hear the GOP call just about anything they don’t like a job-killer. Especially regulations – the kind that keep power companies from poisoning your kids with mercury, keep oil companies from running unsafe rigs that blow up and dump millions of gallons of crude into our oceans and rivers, and keep coal companies from running unsafe mines that kill […]

September 13th

GOP tactic: Damn the facts, attack attack attack!

Washington has finally erupted in outrage at Mitt Romney’s lies, although it took his attempting to politicize the deaths of five Americans in last night’s Mideast violence to do it. Romney smirked as he concluded his press conference. He thought he’d done good. The man has absolutely no shame. (As @KagroX tweeted, “What has Romney just done […]

September 12th