Clean Energy

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The Coronavirus pandemic has forced a budget hit on California’s climate mandates

Democratic Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom has proposed funding cuts to deal with what has been projected as a revenue deficit of $54 billion as a consequence of the economic response to the coronavirus. The state’s carbon cap-and-trade program pays for climate programs, which includes incentives for buying clean cars, electric buses, and off-road freight equipment, but as with […]

May 19th

Renewable Roundup: Big batteries for big grid stability

Remember how the climate change denialists told us that intermittent renewables would destroy grid stability? Now we find that stabilizing the frequency with grid-scale batteries and DC-AC inverters is of at least equal importance. Grid operators pay real money for it. We have of course been talking about using grid-scale battery and other storage for […]

May 14th

Renewable Roundup: Big banks lining up to finance big batteries

We’ve reached a significant tipping point in how the battery storage market is financed, shifting from expensive private equity investments to ordinary bank finance. Which will be another factor leading to a terawatt of storage by 2040. By Mokurai Banks Finally Start to Spend Big on Giant Batteries Once reluctant to finance big projects, lenders […]

May 14th

100 million Americans now live under clean energy commitments

Recently, we passed a major milestone for clean energy in the United States. More than 100 million people now live in places committed to 100 percent clean energy. That’s almost one in three people in this country, representing 163 cities, 13 counties, eight states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. By Michael Brune Sierra Club This milestone […]

May 13th

State level renewable energy success: Virginia

With Federal action on climate change blocked, states are racking up successes! In March Virginia joined the growing list of countries, states, and cities setting dates and plans for 100% renewable energy, and more. By Mokurai Gov Northam signs clean energy bill in dramatic transition for Virginia amid dispute over customer costs — Utility Dive […]

May 11th

Both conservatives and liberals want a green energy future, but for different reasons

Political divisions are a growing fixture in the United States today, whether the topic is marriage across party lines, responding to climate change or concern about coronavirus exposure. Especially in a presidential election year, the vast divide between conservatives and liberals often feels nearly impossible to bridge. By Deidra Miniard, Indiana University; Joe Kantenbacher, Indiana […]

Renewable Roundup: The post- Coronavirus decarbonization is coming

Covid-19 has brought the Climate Denialists and Concern Trolls and Pundits-Telling-You-What-You-Really-Think out in force. It will destroy renewables and EVs and whatever. Or else it will demonstrate that we don’t actually need any of that pollution, and we can now go full electrons ahead with all of those profitable investments in saving the Planet Entire. […]

May 8th

What does it mean when the price of solar energy is negative? (Get paid to charge your EV – or make hydrogen!)

Denialists complain bitterly about the variable output of wind and solar energy systems. But for consumers, that means that the cost of electricity is necessarily negative sometimes. You get to arbitrage your recharging, if your government does not interfere. Others get to use negatively-priced energy to make hydrogen from water, as a form of energy […]

May 7th