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Earth Matters – A roundup of the week’s climate and clean energy news from a progressive perspective

More than half of new US generating capacity this year will be SOLAR – The U.S. Energy Information Administration, part of the Department of Energy, has long tracked energy production and consumption and made forecasts in its Annual Energy Outlook and its International Energy Outlook. While its tracking of what’s already happened has been uniformly excellent, critics […]

February 12th

US wind and solar likely to outpace coal and nuclear power in 2023

A new analysis of federal data shows that wind and solar alone could generate more electricity in the United States than nuclear and coal over the coming year, critical progress toward reducing the country’s reliance on dirty energy. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams The SUN DAY Campaign, a nonprofit that promotes sustainable energy development, highlighted […]

January 3rd

We can do this – After Ukraine invasion, new EU solar energy leapt by 50%

Driven significantly by dramatically reduced fossil fuel imports following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, solar production soared nearly 50% in the European Union this year—with even greater growth forecast for 2023, a report published this week by an industry group revealed. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams SolarPower Europe said in the introduction to a new report that “2022 was […]

December 22nd

Puerto Rico’s vulnerability to hurricanes is magnified by weak government and bureaucratic roadblocks

Five years after Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc on Puerto Rico, Hurricane Fiona has killed at least four people, caused widespread flooding and left hundreds of thousands of residents without water or power. Maria caused extensive damage to Puerto Rico’s power grid in 2017 that left many residents without electricity for months. Rebuilding it has been […]

September 23rd

The most cost-effective energy efficiency investments you can make – and how the new Inflation Reduction Act could help

Energy efficiency can save homeowners and renters hundreds of dollars a year, and the new Inflation Reduction Act includes a wealth of home improvement rebates and tax incentives to help Americans secure those saving. It extends tax credits for installing energy-efficient windows, doors, insulation, water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners or heat pumps, as well as […]

September 5th

Labor Day: Clean energy driving US job growth

The 2022 U.S. Energy and Employment Report (USEER) from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is a comprehensive study designed to track and understand employment trends across the energy sector and within key energy technologies. The report covers 2021, an unprecedented and unpredictable year for American families and businesses as the country began its slow […]

September 5th

Solar energy: Women are making the clean energy transition more equitable

In a profession dominated by men, solar training nonprofits and trade unions are providing networking opportunities, creating caregiving pilots and training men to be better allies against harassment. By Jessica Kutz The 19th news When Anna Bautista was studying electrical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she didn’t know she would soon find herself […]

August 22nd