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Solar energy continues its exponential growth

The IEA is still way behind the curve, though not as much as it used to be. But even behind the curve of reality, it is giving us serious Good News. Cue wailing, rending of garments, and gnashing of teeth. (Come to think of it, I’d like to see that.) By Mokurai THE BIG PICTURE: […]

May 4th

Solar and wind generation reach 23% of Europe’s electricity this month. (Thanks, Coronavirus!)

The coronavirus pandemic has seen entire countries locked down, with businesses, industry and travel all curtailed in an effort to limit the spread of Covid-19. My analysis for Carbon Brief shows that electricity demand in Europe has fallen by 14% as a result of the crisis, with most major economies imposing widespread restrictions. By Dave Jones CarbonBrief […]

April 29th

Community solar energy revolution brewing under the Coronavirus crisis

The US Department of Energy is doubling down on a commitment to ensure that every household and business in the US has access to renewable energy by 2025. Wait, what? That’s a rather bold move, considering President* Trump’s rather sour outlook on renewables. The secret sauce is the community solar model, and affordability — and […]

April 29th

Less fossil fuels means less pollution means MORE solar energy!

The efficiency of solar panels depends on a lot of things. Dust and dirt can degrade performance. If they get too hot, they produce less electricity. Aiming them at the proper angle is crucial to optimal performance. But there is another factor that few people have thought much about until know — air pollution. Crud […]

April 23rd

GM invests big in solar energy (and starts building ventilators)

Renewable energy developers are wilting under the economic pressure attending the COVID-19 crisis, but major US clean energy buyers are still keeping the decarbonization movement going. In the latest news on that score, General Motors has just announced a new clean power investment of 500,000 MWh in solar through the Michigan utility DTE, even as it makes […]

April 21st

Solar car cover can recharge your EV while you’re parked in the sun

There are lots of clever people in the world and some of them work for Armor, a thin-film solar company located in France. One of its products is called ASCA, which uses semi conductor compounds based on organic polymers printed on flexible films. The flexibility means ASCA thin-film solar products can be mounted on curved surfaces, […]

April 19th