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Renewable Roundup: More proof that we are winning comes every single day!

There are many free newsletters on various aspects of renewable energy and Global Warming issues more broadly. Among the most useful are PV Magazine and its editions for various countries and regions of the world. I subscribe to the global edition in English, German, French, and Chinese; the Spain, Mexico, and Latinoamerica editions in Spanish; and the […]

May 26th

For climate change deniers, a single dead bald eagle is a tragedy (but billions are just a statistic)

As the Trump administration figures out sneaky ways to funnel coronavirus relief funding to the oil and gas industry, it’s also found a sneaky way to take money from wind and solar: a retroactive $50 million bill for rent for energy generated on public lands. By Climate Denier Roundup While that’s certainly their biggest problem at the moment, the […]

Solar and wind generation reach 23% of Europe’s electricity this month. (Thanks, Coronavirus!)

The coronavirus pandemic has seen entire countries locked down, with businesses, industry and travel all curtailed in an effort to limit the spread of Covid-19. My analysis for Carbon Brief shows that electricity demand in Europe has fallen by 14% as a result of the crisis, with most major economies imposing widespread restrictions. By Dave Jones CarbonBrief […]

April 29th

New York blows past offshore wind limit with 1,000 (more) MW

In yet another indicator that COVID-19 will not stop the inevitable march of renewable energy into the sparkling green future, New York State just approved another 1,000 megawatts in offshore wind — and possibly much more, if all goes according to plan. That makes 2020 the second year in a row that the state’s wind […]

April 26th

Less fossil fuels means less pollution means MORE solar energy!

The efficiency of solar panels depends on a lot of things. Dust and dirt can degrade performance. If they get too hot, they produce less electricity. Aiming them at the proper angle is crucial to optimal performance. But there is another factor that few people have thought much about until know — air pollution. Crud […]

April 23rd

Kansas tried to rip off wind and solar energy users. Court says NO.

In 1980, the Kansas legislature passed a law that said utility customers using renewable energy may not be subjected to “higher rates or charges” or “any other prejudice or disadvantage.” Though the meaning of the law should be intuitively obvious even to a slow witted fourth grader, authorities in Kansas, including the Kansas Corporation Commission, […]

April 6th

Along with lower emissions, offshore U.S. wind industry could create 83,000 more jobs by 2030

The American Wind Energy Association, the nation’s leading wind industry trade group, issued a report this week scrutinizing the health of the offshore wind industry and forecasting that the installed capacity of offshore turbine farms will grow as much as a thousandfold between now and 2030. At that level, the industry would generate $87 billion in investment over the decade, as […]

March 16th

Podcast: Talking with Mark Z Jacobson about 100% Renewable Energy

In the first half of this special two-part episode of our CleanTech Talk podcast interview series, Michael Barnard, Chief Strategist of TFIE Strategy Inc. and CleanTechnica contributor, takes Zach Shahan’s place as host to talk with Mark Z. Jacobson, professor at Stanford University and cofounder of The Solutions Project, about transitioning the world to 100% renewable energy. By Winter […]

March 1st

Wind energy is helping US farmers overcome the Trump Slump

Wind energy is offering hope for American farmers amid tough times.  “I would say the absence of financial stress has been a real game-changer for me,” Tom Cunningham tells USA Today. He has three wind turbines on his land and they make up for the crop export issues he has been facing. Farmers who living in […]

February 24th