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US cities bought more renewable energy than ever in 2020 – here’s how

As the world reels from the financial blow of COVID-19, local governments in the United States are under huge pressure as cities and counties face severe budget shortfalls. This is forcing cuts to crucial spending on education and infrastructure as well as layoffs, furloughs and hiring freezes. Losing critical funds could have seriously hindered U.S. local governments’ continued progress […]

April 9th

Growth of solar, wind, and other renewable energy smashed records in 2020

Despite the difficulties associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, the world added a record amount of new renewable energy capacity in 2020, according to data released Monday by the International Renewable Energy Agency. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams IRENA’s annual Renewable Capacity Statistics 2021 shows that global renewable energy capacity grew by more than 260 gigawatts (GW) last […]

April 9th

Solar swells as coal collapses: Analysis shows rapid shift to renewables underway

The nation’s transition from dirty to renewable energy is “nearing exponential growth”—a shift set to usher in “transformative” impacts within a handful of years. So declares the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) in its “U.S. Power Sector Outlook 2021” report released Wednesday. By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams Among the key findings (pdf) are that […]

April 5th

Boom! Biden White House announces major boost for offshore wind

Climate action groups and ocean defenders issued strong praise Monday after the Biden administration announced its intention to boost the nation’s offshore wind capacity with a number of steps including preparing forfede leases in an area off the coasts of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams “Today’s announcement marks a […]

March 30th

The Texas blackouts showed how climate extremes threaten energy systems across the US

Pundits and politicians have been quick to point fingers over the debacle in Texas that left millions without power or clean water during February’s deep freeze. Many have blamed the state’s deregulated electricity market, arguing that Texas prioritized cheap power over reliability. By Roshanak (Roshi) Nateghi, Purdue University The Conversation But climate extremes are wreaking […]

March 3rd

When Texas froze over, there was Hell to pay

I’ve been thinking a lot about water. And power. And Texas. You know from the news they’ve been grappling with a crisis there brought on by unexpectedly wicked winter weather. And made worse by an incompetent, ill-prepared Republican state government that, as LBJ used to say, couldn’t pour sand out of a boot, even if […]

March 1st

Wind and solar defy covid pandemic contraction and have stellar year

While the U.S. economy plunged into recession last year, with at least 25 million Americans now unemployed, furloughed, or working for less pay than before the coronavirus struck in February 2020, there were record-breaking new installations of renewable energy sources. By Meteor Blades Installations already operating generated 20% of all electricity produced in the U.S. in 2020, according to Bloomberg New […]

February 26th

Lessons from the Texas freeze: 5 ways to strengthen US energy resilience

Even as people are suffering through the harshest winter storm Texas has seen in decades, the reasons for the state’s devastating power grid failure have become a political battleground. While vulnerable people freeze in their homes, pundits snipe about whether wind turbines are to blame. By Jennifer Layke, Karl Hausker and Lori Bird World Resources […]

February 22nd

Fossil fuel exec brags of ‘Hitting the Jackpot’ as natural gas prices surge amid deadly crisis in Texas

More than two dozen Texans have died as a result of Winter Storm Uri—and thousands remain without heat, water, and food—but widespread evidence of human suffering didn’t stop one dirty energy executive from boasting about profiting from the crisis. “Obviously, this week is like hitting the jackpot.” That’s what Roland Burns, president and chief financial officer of Comstock Resources, […]

February 21st

Texas Blackout: Fossil fuel plants caused the shutdown, but you’d never know that from listening to climate deniers at the WSJ

As legitimate media has struggled to catch up with the professional liars who blamed wind for gas and coal’s failure to perform to expectations in Texas, those committed to the party line will keep on lying, as evidenced by a second Wall Street Journal editorial on the topic, just as false as the first. When the Republican […]

February 18th