Climate Change

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Religious groups applaud the Loss and Damage Fund approved at COP27

Delegates from 200 countries closed this year’s UN climate summit, COP27, with an agreement to create a fund to compensate countries most vulnerable to climate change. The accord reached in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, recognizes that climate-related damage contributes to growing debt burdens and hurts development in countries. By Jubilee USA Network “During the climate conference […]

December 4th

Next weekend, join Citizens’ Climate Lobby for their virtual climate conference online and in DC!

With the recent midterm elections resulting in a divided Congress next year, Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s bipartisan approach will be critical in moving climate solutions forward. CCL’s volunteers will gather for a virtual conference early in December to prepare for the advocacy work that lies ahead.   By Steve Valk Citizens’ Climate Lobby Who: Citizens’ Climate Lobby volunteers […]

November 26th

The GOP war on EVs: Koch vassal John Stossel promotes Koch Network disinformation

Regular readers of the denier roundup know this already, but former journalist John Stossels is now a leading disinformation producer, regularly featuring fake experts who just-so-happen to be, like Stossel, all Koch’d up. By Climate Denier Roundup But today’s COP, Look, Listen provides some new information on Stossel’s conflicts of interest and his latest high-traction disinformation video, which […]

November 22nd

Election deniers, conspiracy theorists, and GOP (to repeat ourselves) coming to terms with Midterms

It took a little while for all the votes in the midterms to get counted, but that doesn’t seem to have given the rightwing disinformation machine a chance to coalesce around a particular line of attack. Instead, they’re trying everything to see what works. By Climate Denier Roundup Here’s the latest from COP, Look, Listen: Right-wing […]

November 21st

COP27 is stuck in gridlock as overtime discussions continue

As the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt was extended until at least Saturday, campaigners, scientists, and others expressed alarm and frustration over the “gridlocked” negotiations dominated by rich countries and fossil fuel lobbyists. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams “I remain concerned at the number of outstanding issues, including on finance mitigation, adaptation, […]

November 20th

COP27 – Shaping the future of climate finance (It’s now or never)

For more than a decade the ambiguous language in developed country’s climate finance commitments to developing countries for adaptation and mitigation has been called out. This includes debates about what counts as ‘climate finance’, the ‘fair share’ of climate finance from diverse provider countries, what balance needs to be struck between mitigation and adaptation finance and so […]

November 20th

COP27 draft fails to address a fossil fuel phase-out critical for climate recovery

Climate action groups were outraged Thursday as global policymakers released a draft agreement making clear that dire warnings from energy experts and scientists regarding fossil fuel extraction have not gotten through to them, with the document failing to endorse a phase-out of oil and gas use. By Julia Conley Common Dreams The absence of crucial language regarding oil and gas […]

November 18th