Carbon Tax

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State cap-and-trade systems offer evidence that carbon pricing can work

The latest UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report argues that carbon pollution must be cut to zero by 2050 to avoid devastating levels of climate change. Achieving that goal will require swiftly transforming the energy, transportation, housing and food industries, and more. Although these tasks are daunting and the Trump administration is dismantling federal regulations […]

December 6th

Making The Business Case For Climate Action

From Doctors Without Borders to Forum for the Future, Helen Clarkson has always been at the heart of action. Her experience working on humanitarian missions in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Burundi, Pakistan, and Nigeria made it clear for her that health, mental health, the environment, and the economy were strongly connected. Today, Helen Clarkson’s […]

November 28th

Americans got to vote on lots of energy measures in 2018 – and mostly rejected them

Americans in at least seven states voted on ballot initiatives during the 2018 midterm elections. These measures targeted everything from raising targets for the share of electricity drawn from renewable energy to charging a tax on carbon emissions. Campaigns to defeat these initiatives related to energy and climate policy, financed heavily by big oil and gas companies and utilities, substantially outspent proponents. […]

November 19th

Five big climate change stories to watch as we head toward 2019

Climate change was on ballots across America this month. The results were mixed, but leave room for increased climate action in the next two years and beyond. The mantle of U.S. climate leadership has been carried by states, cities and the private sector since President Donald Trump’s 2017 announcement that he intends to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. […]

November 19th

Europe’s carbon pricing isn’t working – still on track for 4 degrees C of temperature rise

Global asset manager Schroders launched its Climate Progress Dashboard in July of 2017to provide investors with “a unique insight” into the global progress towards limiting global warming to the 2°C set by the Paris Agreement. At the time of its inaugural publication, Schroders predicted that we are on path for a temperature rise of 4°C — a forecast […]

October 23rd

Florida GOPers Curbelo and Rooney push urgency of climate action

Delegation mates Rep. Carlos Curbelo and Rep. Francis Rooney [both members of the Climate Solutions Caucus] separately gave interviews that shared an underlying theme: the need to address climate change, particularly in Florida, is urgent. By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News “The more we can publicize the reality of sea level rise and the risk to a lot of places […]

October 18th

Opinion: We’re already paying a price on carbon

Friend of Peter Bryn poses the question: “When did so many conservatives lose faith in the free market?” in an op-ed published in the Washington Examiner. By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News Peter Bryn @cclconservative in the @dcexaminer with an honest take on #climate policy and #conservative values. @citizensclimate @republicEn — Jim Tolbert (@JimTolbertNC) October 9, 2018 […]

October 10th

Florida Congressman joins bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus

The House Climate Solutions Caucus hit 90 members with the addition of Florida’s Rep. Francis Rooney (FL 19) on the Republican side and Democrat Rep. Ro Khanna (CA 17) from California. Florida already was the most represented state on the caucus, founded by two of its delegation members, Rep. Carlos Curbleo and Rep. Ted Deutch. By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News “I joined the Climate Solutions […]

October 3rd

Climate Hawks Vote endorses Debbie Mucarsel-Powell for Congress in FL-26

Climate Hawks Vote is endorsing Debbie Mucarsel-Powell in Florida’s 26th District, running against Carlos Curbelo. “Carlos Curbelo, the Republican member of Congress who does more about climate change than any other Republican in Congress?” you may be thinking. Yes. But that’s a low bar. By RL Miller Climate Hawks Vote Let me explain what’s driving Climate Hawks Vote […]

October 2nd