Carbon Tax

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10 fast facts about the benefits of a revenue-neutral carbon tax

The most sophisticated economic models available today tell a consistent story about the likely impacts of levying a national fee on fossil fuels: By changing the daily behavior of every consumer, investor, and enterprise, such fees would dramatically reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), the single largest man-made greenhouse gas, as well as conventional air pollutants […]

September 13th

Some Republicans are pushing for carbon dividends (and GOP voters agree!)

Eighty-one percent of likely voters—including 65 percent of Republicans polled—think the government should take action on climate change, according to a survey commissioned by the Climate Leadership Council (CLC) and conducted by Hill+Knowlton Strategies. By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News A majority of Americans support a carbon dividend plan, such as the one outlined by former Republican Secretaries of State George […]

September 11th

With new index series, investment community prepares for carbon pricing

The signs of a changing climate are becoming harder to ignore. That might explain why solutions are gaining traction in new places. These solutions include carbon pricing proposals that would shift the costs of GHG emissions from society onto polluters.  Another unexpected voice in the conversation: the investment community. In July, S&P Dow Jones Indices released the S&P […]

August 27th

How Carbon Pricing drives innovation

It seems that every advancement in our collective understanding of climate science darkens the picture: warmer temperatures, shorter time frames, and broader impacts. Happily, the opposite seems to be true in our economic understanding of climate solutions, specifically a carbon pricing solution to GHG emissions. By Dr. Philip Harding, Citizens’ Climate Lobby Economics Policy Network […]

August 7th

Carbon Tax: Deep red Alaska is planning to put a price on carbon

Alaska’s draft climate change plan includes a recommendation the state implement a statewide carbon tax while also supporting a national tax on carbon. The draft plan is being prepared by Gov. Bill Walker’s Climate Action Leadership Team, and in the current iteration, the tax would be used to fund other adaptation, monitoring, and education efforts. By Chelsea Henderson RepublicEn According […]

August 5th