Climate Denial

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Climate change deniers love to be (selectively) outraged (Greta vs Seibt)

Recently, deniers absolutely lost their shit when CNN put Greta Thunberg on a panel about coronavirus, hope and fear, to talk about the importance of listening to experts. They also attacked her for the recent news that she’s started her own foundation to give away the monetary prizes she’s won for her activism, including some coronavirus relief efforts specifically targeting at-risk youth. But you probably […]

Evil or stupid? The two types of climate deniers

People often wonder what it is that motivates climate change denial. Our response is always that it depends on the person. But it tends to boil down to two very simple answers: deniers are either stupid, or evil. By Climate Denier Roundup  Though that may seem like an overly reductive or cynical answer, it’s hard […]

February 20th