Climate Denial

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James O’Keefe’s latest hitpiece claims CNN will switch focus to climate once covid-19 is over. Yay?

James O’Keefe is a conservative activist who likes to play dress up, pretend to be someone he’s not, and get random people at big organizations to say things he then takes out of context and uses as political propaganda. (He’d describe himself as more of an investigative journalist who, with his Project Veritas organization, performs […]

Climate denier media confused and irritated by President Biden’s environmental justice experts knowing stuff about infrastructure

Having tried, and largely failed, to turn public opinion against President Biden’s infrastructure plan by claiming it’s all about climate change (something the vast majority of people want action on) the right is still struggling to find an attack that’s actually relevant and will stick. By Climate Denier Roundup For example, Benji Backer of the […]

Fighting disinformation in the funny pages: New comic illustrates how delay is the new climate denial

Last week, there was a minor kerfuffle in the climate denier-adjacent world, when anti-pronouns crusader and climate denier Jordan Peterson tweeted, “Do I really live in a universe where Ta-Nehisi Coates has written a Captain America comic featuring a parody of my ideas as part of the philosophy of the arch villain Red Skull?” By Climate Denier Roundup […]

CAN we nudge climate deniers into doing the right thing?

A new blog post at Columbia University’s State of the Planet by student journalist Allison Day caught our eye yesterday, because its headline made quite a bold promise: How to nudge climate deniers into doing the right thing. By Climate Denier Roundup Headline use of the now-mostly-debunked-for-big-decisions concept of a public policy “nudge” aside, the post references […]

Climate deniers rehash old arguments (that still make no sense)

On Tuesday, the dirty energy- and tobacco-funded Heartland Institute reposted something from the Daily Clout about how there’s “no silver bullet on the energy issue,” according to their policy advisor Ronald Stein, and people just need more “energy literacy” to recognize that we can’t rely on renewables for our energy supply. The image depicting those principles is so […]

‘Don’t be Socialist, just be like Denmark’, confused conservative climate activist advises

April Fool’s Day is supposed to be on the first, but apparently the Koch-y, COVID-deniers at AIER are running a few days behind, because on the 4th they published something that has got to be a gag. “Stop greenwashing socialism,” the headline read for the piece by the American Conservation Coalition’s National Policy Director, Christopher Barnard. While […]

Right wing media echo chamber’s response to Biden’s American Jobs Plan: Lie (and ignore it)

President Biden’s American Jobs Plan rollout yesterday was met with criticisms from the usual suspects of polluting industry lobby groups, former reality TV hosts now banned from social media and politicians with a history of refusing to address a crisis, who once again trotted out tired, false talking points denying the job growth and economic benefits of ambitious climate and infrastructure investments. Conservative […]

You can’t evaluate disinformation without understanding the political agenda behind it

Dr. Joan Donovan’s Technology and Social Change project on Media Manipulation released a report Tuesday on mitigating medical disinformation with a “whole-of-society approach.” While it focuses on how medical misinformation is spread through media manipulation and its audience within the public health community, mentions of COVID-19 and vaccines could just as easily be swapped for […]

Wouldn’t it be cool if news outlets didn’t rent themselves out to the oil industry?

Earlier this month, a Buzzfeed investigation revealed PR giant Edelman was breaking it’s pledge not to work on behalf of climate denial by keeping a Big Oil client. Then with a New York Times piece last week about the increasing unease workers in the advertising industry have with promoting fossil fuels, the CleanCreatives campaign has people thinking, and talking, about the […]

Socialism for big oil: THEY get the profits, YOU pay the carbon fee

Last week the American Petroleum Institute announced an openness to the possibility of supporting some theoretical carbon pricing policy, if that policy were to meet some very specific conditions, which API correctly bet most reporters wouldn’t get into. Interestingly, it was the more conservative outlets that explained what was happening most bluntly, with the Washington Times’ […]

Climate deniers just love playing the victim

Last week, we questioned how Amazon can square its claimed commitment to climate action with its sale of so many climate denial books, with a focus on disinformation dean Marc Morano’s newest offering. By Climate Denier Roundup Quite predictably, Morano (who’s apparently an occasional reader- Hi Marc!) used that single post to claim that “climate […]

Big oil’s embrace of carbon pricing called PR ploy to avoid real, effective climate action

The American Petroleum Institute on Thursday expressed support for carbon pricing—a move that some heralded as a “major shift” for the country’s most powerful dirty energy lobbying group that has long opposed regulatory efforts to curb planet-heating greenhouse gas emissions. Progressive critics, however, characterized the decision as a form of “self-serving greenwashing” designed to forestall the […]

March 27th

Minnesota group that fights against clean mining regulations touts clean mining regulations as reason to mine Minnesota (plus racism!)

This week, the Center for the American Experiment is launching a new ad campaign, complete with a 30-second TV spot and billboards, according to a post about “the harm done by environmentalists,” by CAE head and Power Line blogger John Hinderaker. By Climate Denier Roundup (The same John Hinderaker who once said he is “keeping a sharp […]