Climate Denial

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Edison Electric Institute brings on new climate denier CEO (Paid by YOUR inflated power bills)

For at least the last seven years, the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) has tried to shed its image as a disinfo-spreading fossil fuel lobby shop by another name (utility industry trade group), but all that’s probably for naught given its new CEO. By Climate Denier Roundup That’s not to say that EEI has been particularly successful at greenwashing the industry lately anyway. […]

September 26th

RealClearEnergy? Their “original articles” are just climate denial advertisements presented as op-eds

RealClearEnergy has blessed us with countless examples of disinformation, but recently it seems they’ve given up the ghost of being legitimate media, and are just more or less transparently serving up advertisements in the form of op-eds. In other words, they’re using a version of one of the fossil fuel industry’s favorite disinformation techniques: the “op-ad.” By […]

September 19th

Ahead of COP28, attempts to greenwash the UAE on Reddit are flailing

The United Arab Emirates’ efforts to bolster its reputation ahead of the annual UN climate negotiations it’s hosting at COP28 in December haven’t gone particularly well this year. They’ve been playing the long game, Cartie Werthman uncovered for DeSmog this week,as lobbying disclosures document how the head of the UAE’s national oil company, Sultan Ahmed “Al […]

September 15th

Did a climate scientist REALLY leave out “The Full Truth”? Not so much…

The Breakthrough Institute (BTI) is not the sort of organization we usually cover here, because the folks there are not exactly deniers … but they have long seemed pretty intent on generating fodder for deniers to attack climate advocates. Ever since they (rightfully) booted UFOlogist co-founder Michael Shellenberger, BTI has been trying to rehabilitate its image, moving away from being a reflexively contrarian […]

September 13th

How climate change deniers transform LEARNING science into a “woke radical agenda”

Should schools teach science? Should journalists report on it? Not according to a pair of op-eds published last week, both gasping and clutching pearls at the idea of people becoming better informed about an issue of global consequence. By Climate Denier Roundup On Thursday, The Daily Caller ran Larry Behrens’ op-ed headlined, “Inside Climate Alarmists’ […]

September 12th

How billionaire-backed climate disinformation propagates (Thanks, Facebook!)

For years now, people have been pointing out that PragerU is turning funding from fracking billionaires into Christofascist propaganda and climate disinformation on social media. For years now, Facebook has been waffling on the problem, pretending to act but not really doing much because it’s helmed by Republican election-stealing climate denier Joel Kaplan. By Climate Denier Roundup And for years now, researchers […]

September 11th

Republicans ARE divided on climate change – but most have already come around to reality

Why would a specific demographic of people overwhelmingly believe something that’s false? There are many possible reasons, but a big one is that billions of dollars have been spent to cultivate the particular false view that climate change isn’t a problem. By Climate Denier Roundup For example, the Washington Post’s coverage of recent polling from WaPo and […]

September 8th

After hottest month In human history, climate deniers finally ready to discuss adaptation (NOT fixing the problem)

Between July’s record-breaking heat around the world, to the devastating wildfires in Canada and Hawai’i, to Hilary dropping years’ worth of rain in a day in California, extreme weather is making it increasingly difficult for deniers to act like nothing is happening. By Climate Denier Roundup As a result, we’re likely going to see a bit of a shift in rhetoric as […]

September 7th