Climate Denial

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Will big oil’s slippery six CEOs actually testify to Congress about climate disinformation?

Remember in 2018, when the Washington Post hired Mark Lasswell from the Wall Street Journal to edit the opinion page? And we were concerned that maybe he’d bring climate denial along with him? Well yesterday the Washington Post published a third conservative columnists’ praise for Steven Koonin. Contributor Mich Daniels, president of Purdue University and barely not the worst recent Indiana […]

October 15th

After losing the science fight, UK climate deniers rebrand as Net Zero Watch

While the United States is blessed with a veritable cornucopia of interlocking disinformation and climate denial organizations, in the UK things have traditionally been a bit more centralized through the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF). It’s both a traditional “charity” think tank and an advocacy group, and in 2014 a judge ruled it engaged in too much […]

October 14th

Google/YouTube take a small step towards protecting users from climate disinfo (And anti-Semitism?)

Last week, Google announced that they would no longer allow climate denial ads, and that YouTube would demonetize climate denial content. This is a small but serious win, particularly for the advertisers who don’t want their ads running next to toxic climate denial content. By Climate Denier Roundup  Deniers, of course, freaked out about it. For example, Matt Vespa at TownHall wrote […]

October 13th

What happens in Vegas: Caesars Palace gambles on hosting climate (and Covid) deniers for Heartland conference

Las Vegas is famous for bad decisions, but usually it’s the visitors, not the casinos making the risky bets. As, Chris D’Angelo and Alex Kaufman recently reported for Huffpost, however, in two weeks the infamous Caesars Palace is hosting the Heartland Institute’s big climate denial conference, featuring a 52- “expert” lineup, 45 of whom are white men, […]

October 12th

War on science: Google, YouTube ban monetization of climate disinformation

Digital rights advocates on Thursday welcomed a report that Google and its YouTube video platform are prohibiting the monetization of climate disinformation. Google advertisers and publishers and YouTube creators will be banned from receiving advertising revenue that contradicts “well-established scientific consensus around the existence and causes of climate change,” company officials said in a statement reported by Axios. […]

October 8th

Climate scientists have Nobels, climate deniers have blogs (And big oil money)

On Tuesday, the Nobel Prize in Physics went to three scientists whose work was pivotal for understanding climate change, and deniers were not thrilled. Physicist Luboš Motl, for example, quickly wrote a very “I’m totally not jealous” blog about how the win was undeserved and “justified by buzzwords” like “the nonsensical superstitious phrase ‘global warming.’” By […]

Climate deniers haz sad! (“Garbage in, garbage out” edition)

It’s not often that deniers just straight up tell you that the few things they do manage to slip into the peer-reviewed literature are garbage, but last week we saw exactly that. By Climate Denier Roundup “Activists,” according to a NoTricksZone post by liar Kenneth Richard, reposted to WUWT, have gotten a paper retracted because it “threatens climate alarm narratives.” Oh no! What […]

Marc Morano, who is anti-vax, anti-mask and pro-insurrection, is suddenly worried about (left) political violence?

There’s a provocative book by Lund University ecology professor Andreas Malm suggesting that maybe environmentalists should reconsider their pacifism and start sabotaging fossil fuel infrastructure. Unsurprisingly, deniers are up in arms about it. The book, How to Blow Up a Pipeline, has been around a bit, but Fox et al. discovered a recent New Yorker and WNYC Studios podcast interviewing Malm, and now deniers […]

Koch network loves to downplay the valuable benefits of climate action (while playing up the costs)

A coalition of Koch and other industry-funded groups recently submitted a comment on the EPA’s proposed automotive greenhouse gas emission standards, written by CEI’s Marlow Lewis and Patrick Michaels, along with Heritage Foundation’s Kevin Dayaratna. By Climate Denier Roundup Given the millions of dollars in fossil fuel industry funding behind the 11 groups whose logos grace the top of the comment […]

John Stossel is suing Facebook for fact checking his reheated Koch-funded climate disinformation

Facebook is barely doing anything about climate disinformation, but even that is too much for deniers. The social media giant recently announced that it was throwing some chump change at fact checkers and pointing more people to an expanded climate information center that would debunk climate myths and give users a dose of reality. By […]

September 28th

Once again, climate deniers claim science is biased (but you should trust the oil companies)

“Does science drive climate policy or do politics drive climate research?” So begins a recent post at tobacco/fossil fuel/rightwing billionaire-funded Heartland Institute’s google-obsessed ClimateRealism blog by Heartland president James Taylor, whose own brother has more or less exposed that professional deniers like James know full well that they’re lying about climate change. By Climate Denier Roundup “The Democrat-controlled Congress,” Taylor wrote, “is answering […]

September 27th

Pielke Jr. thinks he’s invented the coal-focused climate strategy Sierra Club’s pursued for a decade

Though it may not seem like it, we really try not to talk about UC-Boulder professor Roger Pielke Jr.’s “so bad even Nate Silver had to apologize” takes, unless he’s being used by professional deniers, which is, admittedly, pretty often. And ever since his tin-foil, denier-beloved January 2020 Forbes post about how billionaires Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg “corrupted […]

September 22nd

Despite Bjorn Lomborg getting factchecked on his lies, Fox and WSJ invite him to air them anyway

Yesterday, we talked about how Facebook is doing everything it can to look like it’s taking disinformation seriously, short of actually doing much of anything about it, and especially not the relatively easy action of removing bad actors all together. But it’s not just Facebook that seems to delight in ignoring factchecks, which is why — […]

September 21st

Facebook pays factcheckers to stop climate disinformation, but then ignores factchecks

Yesterday Facebook announced “several new measures” for its users to “have access to reliable information while reducing misinformation,” which certainly sounds good. Unfortunately, a new report from Friends of the Earth found Facebook’s factchecking is only catching less than 1% of the disinformation on the platform. By Climate Denier Roundup Which is why it’s so disappointing that none of […]

September 20th

Climate denial reduced to making shit up (and trivial shit, at that)

When it comes to climate disinformation, there are two basic flavors. One is organized denial, spread by people who work on behalf of the fossil fuel industry (directly or indirectly) through one of the vast web of non-profit organizations, academic institutions, and media outlets that are the beneficiaries of the industry’s so-called philanthropy. The other kind […]

September 17th