Climate Change

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CCL brings dozens of new cosponsors to BEST Act

Citizens’ Climate Lobby had the opportunity to flex its lobbying muscle last month, and our volunteers delivered: they helped bring 24 new cosponsors, both Democrats and Republicans, onto the Better Energy Storage and Technology (BEST) Act in just one week. By Steve Valk Citizens’ Climate Lobby “We’ve built a machine that works, and it works […]

Election 2020: Green groups slam new Senate Democrats’ climate report as ‘Underwhelming and inadequate’

A climate action report released Tuesday by Senate Democrats drew disappointed reactions from green groups and progressive campaigners who say it does not do nearly enough to combat the potentially existential threat of catastrophic global heating caused by human activity. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams The report—titled “The Case for Climate Action: Building a Clean Economy […]

August 27th

Climate change denier complains there aren’t ENOUGH devastating hurricanes

Last week, Pat Michaels, whose “actually CO2 is good”-based career has bounced from one fossil fueled denial organization to another, wrote at the Competitive Enterprise Institute that “the year of the weeniecane may be ending.” In seeking to downplay storms like Isaias, which was second only to Hurricane Sandy in terms of power outages caused by a weather event, and the […]

Utah GOP Rep. John Curtis: Confessions of a climate conservative (Video)

Utah’s Rep. John Curtis, who represents the youngest district in the U.S., addressed the Sutherland Institute on Monday, delivering a virtual address titled: Confessions of a Climate Conservative. Our podcast producer Price Atkinson listened in on those confessions. And here are a few tidbits from Congressman Curtis’ talk.   By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN “If we don’t take a seat […]

August 26th

‘What’s radical is doing nothing’: Attacked as an extremist, Sanders condemns GOP for ignoring climate crisis at convention

As wildfires burn through California and the western United States, the Gulf Coast prepares for two potential hurricanes within a 48-hour timeframe, and record high temperatures dominate the summer, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on Tuesday noted the resounding absence of any mention of the climate crisis during the first night of the Republican National Convention.   By Lisa Newcomb […]

August 26th

EcoRight Speaks podcast, Episode Eleven: climate change specialist Dr. Edward Maibach

In today’s episode of the EcoRight Speaks, I am  joined by Dr. Edward Maibach, a Distinguished Professor at George Mason University and the Founding Director of Mason’s Center for Climate Change Communication. Defining himself “first, foremost and always” as a public health professional, Dr. Maibach’s exclusive focus since 2007 has been on climate change as the world’s most pressing threat […]

August 25th

The Kochs’ Kochtopus grows another arm: “Center For State Policy Analysis” a new think tank

In March of 2019, Alex de Waal, executive director of the World Peace Foundation at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, wrote a scathing criticism of Charles Koch’s “role in parasitizing America’s free market economy and poisoning its democracy and rule of law” on the foundation’s blog. By Climate Denier Roundup […]

Gas plant shutdowns caused California blackouts, not renewables (and wasting money on nuclear wouldnt help)

Last week started and ended with more unwelcome signs of climatic collapse, with the rough equivalent of a category 2 hurricane sweeping through Iowa starting the week, and California’s heatwave and wildfires creating a fire tornado to end it. By Climate Denier Roundup The intense heat in California, the hottest in 70 years, has strained its power grid, and over […]

Renewables aren’t causing California’s blackouts (But climate deniers are happy to lie about it)

One of the strangest new approaches climate change deniers have successfully pushed into the mainstream is that bad things happening now will happen more if we take climate action. For example, taking her cues from the WSJ’s editorial board and other deniers, Valerie Richardson of the Washington Times wrote about how people are (wrongly) blaming renewables for the blackouts. […]

Lightning sparks hundreds of fires in California as flames overwhelm resources

Authorities in California announced Wednesday evacuations for thousands of people as multiple wildfires left firefighters facing “depleted” resources and area residents dealt with rolling blackouts, high heat, poor air quality, and possible loss of homes—all as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to rage. 2020 in a single remarkable photo – by @noahberger3884 in California — Rupert Myers (@RupertMyers) August […]

August 21st