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Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus hears how climate change devastates Western states’ economies

At a meeting to discuss the impact of climate change on tourism, Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo, co-chair of the bipartisan House Climate Solutions Caucus, weighed in on Hurricane Irma, which decimated the Florida Keys that he represents. By Flannery Winchester Citizens Climate Lobby “There were hurricanes before human-induced climate change—we should not blame every hurricane on climate change. […]

September 20th

Harvey heartless: The GOP reps who voted to stiff their fellow Americans

One hundred and seven Republicans in Congress – 90 members of the House and 17 Senators – have just voted against the Hurricane Harvey relief package, which raised the debt ceiling to avoid the threat of a government shutdown. The hall of shame includes House Texans Smokey Joe Barton (TX-06), Jeb Hensarling (TX-05), Sam Johnson […]

September 13th

Amendment to ELIMINATE Amtrak voted down in US House

Why does the GOP hate Amtrak? Maybe because in small talls across rural America – the deep red American heartland – Amtrak is the most visible government program (well, after farm subsidies). But unlike farm subsidies (and highway subsidies, and oil subsidies), Republicans hate rail subsidies. But when push came to shove in Congress late last […]

September 7th

GOP wants to speed Hurricane Harvey relief to Gulf Coast. But Trump’s budget cuts would hurt recovery in the long run

Well, Hallefriggin’lujah. Our nation’s usually austerity-minded Republicans—except when it’s a pet project, subsidies for some favored commercial enterprise, or the Pentagon—are saying they plan to take action as early as next week in passing a $5.9 billion spending bill to cover the immediate costs of the devastation that Hurricane Harvey’s deluge delivered to the Gulf Coast […]

September 1st

Military tells GOP: Climate change is a national security issue

In a dramatic event on July 13, 2017, 24 Democrat and 22 Republican members of the bipartisan House Climate Solutions Caucus and 24 other Republicans voted against an anti-climate change amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act for 2018. Members of CCL’s Climate and Security Action Team (CSAT) mobilized to encourage their members of Congress to cast a pro-climate vote. By […]

August 9th

Recess appointment: GOP Senate will block Trump from replacing Jeff Sessions

There has been a lot of concern that President Trump might take advantage of the Senate’s upcoming recess to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions and use a back-door “recess appointment” to replace him. Presumably, whatever goon steps into Sessions’ shoes would then fire Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, thereby ridding Trump of his meddlesome Russia investigation. […]

July 27th

Climate Solutions Caucus reaches 50 members (inc. 25 Republicans!)

The bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus in the House of Representatives now boasts 50 members. That’s 25 Republicans and 25 Democrats who have set aside partisan scuffles in order to combat climate change together. Rep. Steve Knight (R-CA) and Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) are the latest pair to join the caucus and bring its membership to this important milestone. […]

July 27th

Climate Solutions Caucus unites GOP and Dems to beat anti-climate amendment

It’s happening. Republicans in Congress are starting to influence climate policy—in the right direction. This week, dozens of House Republicans joined Democrats to vote down an anti-climate amendment and sent a strong message that the military should prepare for and fight climate change. Here’s exactly what went down. By Flannery Winchester Citizens Climate Lobby Dueling amendments At […]

July 15th

GOP: eliminate 10 national monuments & shrink 13 more

As the nation prepared for the holiday weekend last Friday, 17 tea party Republicans—members of the Congressional Western Caucus—sent a letter to secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke asking that he downsize or eliminate 27 national monuments across the western United States. By Meteor Blades  Although the Western Caucus is theoretically open to anyone in Congress, all 70 members […]

July 7th