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Is the (artificially crafted) shutdown crisis really over?

By David Brin As we track events in Washington, so far, it seems that my prediction — which few others shared and that many called “blue sky” — appears to be unfolding almost precisely as it was laid out here… and here… and here.  Details develop though, so let me elaborate.  After Senators Reid and McConnell finish their current […]

October 16th

David Brin – GOP war on science, shutdown edition

By David Brin The Shut-down goes on. What’s the GOP’s real aim? They see a winning hand, here. So far, every time an important constituency – or one that is symbolically powerful, like military death benefits – has howled loudly enough, the House has scurried to pass a special bill and demand quickie Senate action to […]

October 14th

David Brin – Shutdown or showdown? What’s really going on?

By David Brin Hello, did I call this or what? Is the GOP dropping Obamacare in shutdown debate? That’s the notion Republican Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the House Budget Committee chairman, and the party’s vice presidential nominee last year, argued in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Here’s How We can End the worst part of […]

October 10th

David Brin: How the government shutdown will end

By David Brin Before I get to my forecast of how the Great Big US Government Shut-Down of 2013 will end… let’s start with this surprising commentary. Yipe. The following is from Fox News. It is harsh, factual, on-target… and did I mention it’s from Fox, of all places? Could Rupert be asking “what have I […]

October 5th

Make ALL filibusters like Wendy’s Texas-style filibuster!

What about it, Senator Merkley? Senator Reid? Why can’t we reform the US Senate filibuster to match the rules – and the drama – of the filibuster that played out last night in the Texas State Senate? Texas Republicans wanted to pass a draconian abortion bill that would have banned all abortions over 20 weeks […]

June 26th

SOTU 2013 reactions: The good, the bad and the ugly

Well, State of the Union 2013 is one for the history books, and now the post-mortems begin. Did President Obama hit one out of the park, or will he continue to be stuck in gridlock? Let’s take a look at some reactions from around the (green) world… …..More state of the Union coverage: The Green […]

February 12th

Marco Rubio’s GOP response to the State of the Union 2013

GOP State of the Union Response by Senator Marco Rubio, as Prepared for Delivery Watch the speech, then read the full text… More state of the Union coverage: The Green elements of the SOTU (a LOT!) SOTU Reactions (plus Drinking Game!) Obama’s full speach (text + video) Rand Paul’s Tea Party tap dance (text + video) Good evening. I’m […]

February 12th

Stand with Senator Franken to reverse Citizens United

 Today is the third anniversary of the Supreme Court’s terrible decision in the Citizens United case, in which they ruled that: Corporations are people, my friend Money = speech So corporate people can spend as much money as they want to by elections The results: More money than ever has poured into the electoral process, […]

January 23rd

Merry Fiscal Cliff(mas)!

Hooray (kind of)!!! The so-called “fiscal cliff” has been averted (for now). A deal was reached at the very last minute, and, to save us all from their own manufactured crisis, Democrats and Republicans came together in peace and harmony (HAHAHAHAHAHA!) and voted to increase taxes on the richest Americans, extend unemployment benefits, and support […]

January 4th

Climate Change Deniers Run House Committees

Surprised?  No. But there was some part of me that held out just a little hope that someday, somewhere out there, a reasonable Republican congressman (HA!) would find him or herself in a position of power to do something about, or at least, support, some small effort to mitigate climate change. Alas (and again), not […]

December 10th

Gerrymanders vs moderation – 2012’s surprising Congressional results

By David Brin Gerrymandering – I appraised it back when most blue and red states shared equally in this crime against democracy. Now, big changes are afoot, at long last, and reform has veered in unexpected ways. Prepare for several surprises. First a little background. Post-election, shallow rationalizations fingerpoint at California, where Democrats increased their control over the legislature to […]

November 19th