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Negative politics: Oil companies benefit from a paralyzed political landscape

The NRDC Action Fund just released a book called Reckless: The Political Assault on the American Environment, about the House Republican majority that cast more than 200 votes against environmental safeguards last year. We aren’t the only ones dismayed by the rise in GOP extremism. Republican leaders are too. This week, two esteemed conservative thinkers published a must-read […]

Disgusting climate-denier billboards go too far

By: Melissa Harrison – May 4, 2012 I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been speechless. As a professional communicator, that’s probably a good thing. However, when the following headline: Heartland Institute compares belief in global warming to mass murder, reached my inbox this morning, I sat staring at my computer screen, with my mouth gaping, […]

Transportation bill clusterfuck rolls on…

By Deron Lovaas Natural Resources Defense Council Here’s the state-of-play: The Senate passed a transportation bill, Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century, MAP-21, by an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 74-22. This lobbed a nice easy proposal to the chamber on the other side of Capitol Hill, which has managed only fits and starts […]

April 18th

Some Republicans support conservation (but GOP Congress is sitting on their legislation)

Republicans for Environmental Protection today called on Speaker John Boehner to take up dozens of Republican-sponsored conservation and preservation measures that are pending in the GOP-led House. In its letter to the Speaker, the organization pointed to three dozen Republican-sponsored measures that await House consideration. The measures would designate scenic wilderness areas, protect free-flowing rivers, […]

March 22nd

Action Alert: Speak up against HR 1837, the Salmon Extinction Bill

As you have probably heard by now, HR 1837, which has acquired the nickname The Salmon Extinction Bill has passed the House of Representatives. This water grab amounts to a bailout for corporate welfare bums at great expense to fish, the environment and the people of the Delta. How bad is the bill? Spectacularly aweful:  Barbara […]

March 10th

Oh, so NOW Rick Santorum wants to clean up the tax code?

Everyone from Rick Santorum to President Obama say they want to clean up the tax code. It’s full of weird incentives that cost the government some $600 billion every year and often make little, or negative, economic sense. Ezra Klein riffs on a thread started up by David Brooks. “David Bradford, a Princeton economist, has […]

February 25th

Congressmen: Sane carbon and climate policy would cut the deficit

In an op ed in yesterday’s Washington Post, a bi-partisan group of present and former Congressmen have proposed a sane plan to deal with all of our major problems in one package: Cut the deficit, create jobs, and avert the approaching climate change disaster. The only problem: Republicans block every single policy proposal made by […]

February 24th

Americans want walkable neighborhoods. GOP says screw you.

We’ve told you about how bad the GOP-backed transportation bill is – how it’s all about cars, and slashes every every other mode of getting around, from trains to bikes. Which is tragic, because those are exactly the things Americans want more of… By BETH BUCZYNSKI  Before the 2008 recession hit, Americans were obsessed with big […]

February 22nd

Worst. Transportation. Bill. Ever.

By Deron Lovaas Federal Transportation Policy Director, NRDC Partisanship is the reason for constant gridlock in Congress. One exception has been the issue of transportation. NRDC is on the record — analyzing and critiquing yet supporting — the bipartisan federal transportation bill that passed the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. Passage of that bill through committee was made possible by the […]

February 1st

GOP response to the SOTU: more of the same

Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana is a rising star in the Republican Party (some even wish he was running for President right now), which is why he was chosen to respond to President Obama’s State of the Union (full text and video at this link) . But if anyone was expecting anything other than the standard […]

January 24th

State of the Environmental Union, 2012

By many standards, Barack Obama has been the greenest President in our lifetime. Sure, he still has lots to do, and in his State of the Union address (full text and video at this link) he talked about that tonight. He said he won’t back down from sensible environmental regulation; he’s committed do moving forward […]

January 24th