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Democrats Unveil Filibuster Reform For Senate

We told you last month that the most important thing we can do this year to fix what’s wrong with the planet is to fix what’s wrong with the U.S. Senate. There are just too many arcane rules that can be used to gum up the works and create gridlock. Minutes ago, Democrat Tom Udall‘s […]

January 5th

Filibuster Reform is Good for the Planet

We can’t protect the planet if popular measures supported by majorities of Americans can’t even come up for a vote in the Senate. Which is why it’s good that all 53 returning Democratic Senators have signed on to a letter calling for filibuster reform. The filibuster – a procedure that’s supposed to be used rarely and […]

December 27th

Energy Industry Lobbyists Take Over New GOP Congressional Offices

How closely will the new class of GOP senators and congressmen work with energy industry lobbyists? About as closely as you can possibly get without marrying them. Think Progress reports on the lucky 13 lobbyists (mostly from the energy industry) who are moving from K Street into new jobs – as Chiefs of Staff in […]

December 10th