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McCain’s Colorado River Gaffe Might Cost Him Key Western States

John McCain has again said something to cause his fellow western-state Republicans to wince at his political inexpedience and apparent naivete, stating last week that he wants to renegotiate the Colorado River compact to re-appropriate water from the upper basin states where the river originates and give it to lower basin states like California, and his home state of Arizona. Even though the Senator has now recanted and begun damage control, Democrats are hoping that this one will cost him, some arguing that the gaff was so severe, he may have just lost Colorado.

August 21st

That Old Wilderness Magic Is Still Alive

Just as the authors of the Wilderness Act intended, protecting the Wild Sky Wilderness was a great American cause beyond the dividing lines that crisscross American society.

Not that it was easy to accomplish. For wilderness, it never is. From the day that local activists first drew the Wild Sky’s lines on maps until the day that President Bush signed his name to the authorizing legislation, nine years elapsed.

August 13th

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Should Apply to Used Nuclear Fuel

Each year, US nuclear power plants prevent 700 million tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. In order to equal that achievement by reducing emissions from personal automobiles, the owners of 96% of the cars on the road today would have to agree to never drive again. Why then, are so many people in the “Environmental Movement” so firm in their opposition to nuclear power?

August 4th

Britain: Fuel Costs – Who’s Really to Blame?

The UK government, oil producing countries and oil companies are to blame for high oil prices, according to a recent poll. But taxation is irrelevant to long term oil prices, as prices will inevitably rise as demand outstrips supply. It is in this respect that governments need to face up to the necessity of policies aimed at eliminating dependence on oil.

July 28th

British Columbia Begins Taxing Carbon

Today is July 1, and that means North America’s first ever carbon tax will take effect in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The carbon tax, introduced in the Feb. 19 budget, taxes carbon-based fuels like gasoline, diesel, natural gas and home heating fuel. The rate of taxation is $10 (Can.) per ton of greenhouse […]

July 1st

National Security Linked to Climate Change in U.S. Report

An assessment by the National Intelligence Council with input from all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies identifies climate change as a significant security threat.

Identifying a direct link between climate change and national security, the report suggests that whilst the US is capable of handling the impacts of climate change within it’s own borders, the international issues caused by humanitarian disasters and political unrest will pose a significant threat to US national security.

June 29th