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Hurricane Sandy and climate change compel NYC Mayor Bloomberg to endorse Obama

New York’s Mayor Bloomberg (formerly Republican, now Independent) has been holding aloof on endorsing either candidate for president. But after Hurricane Sandy’s climate-change-fueled might slammed into his city this week, Bloomberg has decided that the issues of climate change and global warming are too important. And he has announced his endorsement of President Obama for […]

November 1st

Energy lobbyists tarring GOP wind supporters

BY TINA CASEY A lobbying group called the American Energy Alliance (AEA) has reportedly unleashed a campaign to make the wind tax credit too toxic to win the support of Republican legislators. That’s a pretty tall order considering that wind power has a broad constituency that cuts clear across party lines. About 81 percent of Congressional districts with the best wind capacity are […]

October 29th

Romney panders to Iowa, changes mind on subsidies for renewables! (Sort of)

So, remember how Mitt Romney, the paragon of the free market, opposed subsidies for Wind Energy? Subsidies that helped the budding industry created thousands of jobs? Subsidies that were a bipartisan effort by Midwest Republicans and clean-energy-loving Democrats? Subsidies that, when Romney worked to block them, caused Iowa’s Republican Senator to say “Mitt Romney has […]

October 26th

Romney’s policy on wind energy is a real job-killer

You hear the GOP call just about anything they don’t like a job-killer. Especially regulations – the kind that keep power companies from poisoning your kids with mercury, keep oil companies from running unsafe rigs that blow up and dump millions of gallons of crude into our oceans and rivers, and keep coal companies from running unsafe mines that kill […]

September 13th

Romney’s Energy Policy a Liability…Among Republicans!

Welcome to Bizarro-World. Poor, poor Mitt.  Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, that everything you say is red meat to your Republican base, that all your hard work courting the far right of your party has paid off, you end up on the wrong side of the fence. We all know […]

August 27th

Sane conservatives want to end climate denial and do something about dirty energy

George Mason University announced today the formation of the Energy and Enterprise Initiative (E&EI), a nationwide public engagement campaign led by former Congressman Bob Inglis that will explore and promote conservative solutions to America’s energy and climate challenges. E&EI will operate from Mason’s Center for Climate Change Communication (4C). The initiative, according to its mission, will […]

July 10th

Congressmen: Sane carbon and climate policy would cut the deficit

In an op ed in yesterday’s Washington Post, a bi-partisan group of present and former Congressmen have proposed a sane plan to deal with all of our major problems in one package: Cut the deficit, create jobs, and avert the approaching climate change disaster. The only problem: Republicans block every single policy proposal made by […]

February 24th

Senate 2012: Tea Party challenging Republicans from the right

The Tea Party Express, the conservative group that helped push far-right (and anti-environment) candidates in the 2010 election, announced today that they will be taking on Maine’s moderate Republican Senator, Olympia Snowe. Snowe joins a growing list of Republican incumbents who are vulnerable to challenges from the right. Snowe has been a bona fide moderate in her 12 years […]

February 10th

Conservatives Call for More Spending – On Science

As the new GOP/Tea Party majority takes control of the House of Representatives, it’s refreshing that some conservatives are reminding them that there’s more to life than cutting spending. Columnist George Will, one of the pre-eminent conservative voices of the past 30 years, uses his column in the Washington Post to remind Boehner & Company […]

January 5th

Ethanol II – Corn State Reps Fight for their Boondoggle

We told you yesterday about the push to let the insane subsidies for corn-based ethanol expire. A bipartisan group of Democrats and Republicans have called for an end to the program, which makes neither environmental nor economic sense. Well, an equally bi-partisan group of corn-state Senators has responded by begging to keep their budget-busting program. […]

December 2nd

GOP in Congress Killing Global Warming Committee

Is Global Warming and Climate Change an important enough issue that there should be a special committee of the House of Representatives to deal with it? Not according to incoming Republicans. At the New York Times, Jennifer Steinhauer reports that a spokesman for Republican Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) says they will kill the committee. […]

December 1st

Kick Out The Corn – The End of Ethanol Subsidies?

Ethanol has been a disaster. Once pushed as an alternative fuel that could help the planet, corn-based ethanol was done all wrong – and ends up costing more in greenhouse gas emissions than regular gas. By Jeremy Bloom It never made economic sense without taxpayer handouts – but it made political sense thanks to the […]

December 1st

Motor Trend Blasts Back at Rush Limbaugh Over Chevy Volt Dissing

Rush Limbaugh decided to shoot his mouth off about Motor Trend naming Chevy’s breakthrough electric car, the Volt, its Car of the Year. And they blasted back at him in no uncertain terms: Unlike you, they said, “We test, make judgments and write about things we understand.” “Motor Trend magazine, that’s the end of them,” […]

November 26th

Right And Left Agree: OK To Risk Starvation Of The Poor

The anti-climate-science politicians from the Right and the anti-technology activists from the Left are independently, but quite successfully, increasing the risk of malnutrition and/or starvation for the poorest people of the world.  This may not be their intended agenda, but it is the likely outcome from what they are doing. Another food price spike looming […]

November 15th