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Solar Wakeup: Top 5 Anti-Solar Policy Tricks

Yann Brandt, solar entrepreneur and proprietor of (if you’re not receiving his daily wrap-up of news from around the solar industry in your inbox, shame on you), wrote this original piece for his website. When I saw it, I immediately demanded he let me post it here. Thankfully, he acceded to my request: By Yann Brandt, Managing […]

April 18th

David Brin: We’d better get used to watching the watchmen

By David Brin Total Information Awareness?   NSA (the National Security Agency) is building a mammoth electronic spy center in Utah. The $2 billion Utah Data Center, to be completed by Sept. 2013, will be five times the size of the US Capitol. Its purpose: to intercept, decipher and analyze torrents of information flowing through the […]

March 21st

Cops in at least 5 cities threaten crackdown on Occupy Wall Street; Boston camp #2 broken up

Police forces in five major cities all just happened to decide to make a major alpha-male display on the same night? And all backed down, except for Boston – where the cops took out the smaller, overflow camp (with the justification that the occupiers were “endangering the plantings in the park!).
This is weird. And creepy. And stinks of some kind of national coordination.Up next: Seattle police have issued a similar warning to Occupy Seattle, and are threatening mass arrests if they don’t leave Westlake Plaza.

October 10th

Is Fracking Causing Blackbird Deaths and Earthquakes?

Alfred Hitchcock must be smiling. Officials are still telling people the recent fish and bird deaths in Arkansas and Louisiana that some have dubbed “aflockalypse” are perfectly normal – while also admitting they have no idea what really caused the die-offs. Stepping into that information vacuum, bloggers are asking if there’s a link between the deaths […]

January 6th