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Grid report: Perry cut the facts, left fossil fuel propaganda

Late Wednesday, Trump’s Secretary of Energy Rick Perry released a controversial grid report in an effort to pressure market operators, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), and utilities to bail out aging coal and nuclear plants by forcing electricity customers to pay more for their expensive electricity. But the facts throughout the report don’t support […]

August 24th

Bogus rewrite of electricity grid report contradicts its own findings about renewable energy

The Department of Energy has released its 187-page Staff Report to the Secretary on Electricity Markets and Reliability. Ordered by DOE Secretary Rick Perry in April, it’s quite the piece of work. Not that it doesn’t have a valuable array of good data. It’s replete with helpful information and charts. But Its major conclusions don’t sync with reality. […]

August 24th

National Monuments Review by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke – Full Executive Summary

REPORT SUMMARY OF NATIONAL MONUMENTS REVIEW BY U.S. SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR RYAN ZINKE In 1906, Congress delegated to the President the power to designate a monument under the Antiquities Act (Act).  The Act authorizes the President singular authority to designate national monuments without public comment, environmental review, or further consent of Congress.  Given this […]

August 24th

Annual fossil fuel subsidies top $5 TRILLION globally

It’s practically a conservative mantra. When it comes to support for renewable energy: “Government should not be picking winners and losers.” Most of the time, the argument is made by advocates for fossil fuel companies like ExxonMobil and Koch Industries. The fossil fuel companies say all they want is a level playing field. But in fact, […]

August 9th

James Howard Kunstler – Are Russian sanctions a ploy so US can sell more natural gas to the EU?

Russia hysteria has become a full-blown national psychosis at a moment in history when a separate array of troubles poses the real threat to America’s well-being. Most of these have to do with the country’s swan dive into bankruptcy, but meeting them honestly would force uncomfortable choices on the grifters and caitiffs in congress. Meanwhile, […]

The Carbon Bubble – WSJ is misleading big oil investors

The carbon bubble is something I’ve written about at length. See “The Totally Insane Carbon Bubble” for an overview. It’s one of the core investment and economic issues of the century, so you would think that the Wall Street Journal would have covered it pretty extensively, right? Not so much. By Zachary Shahan  The Carbon Bubble in a nutshell: 1) […]

August 2nd