Drill Baby Drill

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James Howard Kunstler: Slouching toward Antietam

By James Howard Kunstler I drove the eight miles from Cambridge to Greenwich, New York, around eight o’clock and the night was bell-jar clear. A scrim of deepest blue sky backlit the landscape of tender hills and valleys while on the ground I wended the twisting two-lane state highway 372 with my brights amplifying the […]

September 24th

Climate change: Weathergirl goes rogue!

As we wind down from a summer of record drought and record arctic sea-ice melt, and Mitt Romney continues to make a joke out of climate change, perhaps our only hope of actually getting people to talk about the greatest disaster facing humanity in all of recorded history could be… with a little humor. We […]

September 8th

Muddying the waters of California’s marine protection mess

Jason Scorse, the director of the new Center for the Blue Economy at the Monterey Institute of International Studies and the author of What Environmentalists Need to Know about Economics, has written an interesting opinion piece in the Oakland Tribune discussing the economic value of the coast to the California economy and the need to […]

August 21st

Poster of the week: Wash the damn spoon

From Maxistentialism: “Philosophy, design, humor, and important news about bugs.” “It’s pretty amazing that our society has reached a point where the effort necessary to extract oil from the ground, ship it to a refinery, turn it into plastic, shape it appropriately, truck it to a store, buy it and bring it home is considered […]

June 14th

Jerry Brown: The Big Oil Governor

Catherine Reheis-Boyd, the President of the Western States Petroleum Association, is back in the news in today’s Sacramento Bee article about the increase in steam injection oil drilling permits since Governor Jerry Brown in November fired two regulators who were actually doing their job. Reheis-Boyd served as the Chair of the Marine Life Protection Act […]

May 5th

Snake oil salesmen

By James Howard Kunstler Those frightening sounds, sights, and odors on the wind this foreboding snowless winter – like emanations from some back ward of a global psychiatric hospital – are the signs of a nation going completely mad. The traumatic rise of oil prices above the $100 level is one irritant, prompting a range […]

February 27th

California’s ocean guardian promotes Keystone XL pipeline, fracking

A network of so-called marine protected areas, created under Arnold Schwarzenegger’s privately-funded Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) Initiative, went into effect off the Southern California coast on January 1, 2012. As state officials and representatives of corporate environmental NGOs heralded these closed zones as “Yosemites of the Sea” and “underwater parks,” Catherine Reheis-Boyd, the President […]

February 20th

GOP on Keystone XL: Stunningly stupid

We told you earlier today that the Obama Administration has cancelled the planet-killing Keystone XL oil pipeline, in response to a misguided GOP attempt to strongarm them into prematurely approving it. We also commented that their only possible motivation in pushing for a decision now – when the Administration had already said pushing too soon […]

January 18th