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Federal Reserve gingerly begins to take climate action – next year

In his first public speech as Vice-chair for Supervision at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Michael Barr announced last week that the Federal Reserve would take its first steps to require financial institutions to assess how their long-term financial position could be impacted by the physical harms of climate change and the economic transformation […]

September 12th

Stop the Money Pipeline launches new campaign to cut the flow of Wall Street cash to big oil

Pakistan is responsible for around 0.3% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere. Yet, that nation of 220 million people is currently experiencing what is undoubtedly a “climate-induced humanitarian disaster.” Much of the country is under water. At least 1,100 people are dead. One million homes have been damaged or destroyed. An estimated 40 million lives have […]

September 3rd

Anti-ESG states are learning that owning the libs can get VERY expensive

The fossil fuel industry’s coordinated campaign to attack responsible investing by turning Environmental, Social and Governance factors of a company’s performance into an evil acronym ESG, a la CRT, has continued chugging along as West Virginia Attorney General and 20 others submitted a comment to the SEC about its ESG rule, but fortunately, there’s increasing push-back […]

Clean Creatives: PR giant Edelman does the right thing, breaks with client over fossil fuels

Public relations giant Edelman and Standard Bank Group are ending their relationship, reportedly due to a controversial oil project—a development that climate campaigners last week welcomed as a win for activism pressuring PR firms to break up with polluters.By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams A global campaign against the East African Crude Oil Pipeline, StopEACOP, tweeted […]

August 16th

GOP coordinating state-level attacks on corporate climate action – and consumers are paying the price

Republican state treasurers are coordinating with each other and conservative groups to execute a well-funded campaign to block climate policies at the state and federal level, a New York Times investigation Friday revealed. The group meets regularly to exchange tactics and talking points, taking cues from one another on implementing policies that protect fossil fuel […]

August 10th

GOP abandons any pretense of ‘Free Market’ (at least when it comes to fossil fuels and ESG)

Do Republicans actually support a “free market,” or is that phrase just longstanding code for the party’s support for whatever happens to make their donors more money? It’s the latter, and always has been, but there’s no longer any way for anyone to pretend otherwise. By Climate Denier Roundup As we discussed seven months ago, the professional disinformation crew […]

Why is “progressive California” pulling the plug on a law to divest pension money from fossil fuels?

Climate, environmental, and social justice advocates on Tuesday condemned the decision by a Democratic California lawmaker to kill proposed legislation that would require two of the state’s leading pension funds to divest from the fossil fuel industry. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams “Today amidst a historic mega-drought, wildfires, and fossil-fueled public health crises, Assemblymember Jim Cooper, […]

June 22nd

Wall Street climate promises: The good, the bad, and the oh-so-very ugly

You could be forgiven for thinking that Wall Street has experienced a climate epiphany. Bank of America brags about its environmental credentials; Citigroup’s new CEO announces on her first day that achieving net-zero emissions is a top priority. The onslaught has convinced many in even the left-leaning media that Wall Street will lead the way to a better, greener version of capitalism. […]

June 19th

‘The science is blatantly clear’: Global youth call for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

Convening at the United Nations-backed Stockholm+50 conference in Sweden, youth climate campaigners from around the world joined Indigenous leaders and others Friday to call on countries to adopt a binding Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty as part of an urgent effort to rein in runaway warming. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams During a press conference in Stockholm and at […]

June 12th

Who really owns the oil industry’s future stranded assets? If you own investment funds or expect a pension, it might be you

When an oil company invests in an expensive new drilling project today, it’s taking a gamble. Even if the new well is a success, future government policies designed to slow climate change could make the project unprofitable or force it to shut down years earlier than planned. Gregor Semieniuk, UMass Amherst and Philip Holden, The […]

Climate Action: Ending fossil fuel finance MUST happen this year

More than 120 civil society groups from around the world on Thursday warned that nations have only six months left to meet a collective commitment made at last year’s United Nations Climate Conference to end public financing of fossil fuels. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams The organizations detailed steps nations must take as soon as possible […]

May 23rd

Climate Risk will now be out in the open as Biden Admin’s SEC updates corporate disclosure rules

Environmental advocates celebrated after the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission released a draft rule that would require publicly traded companies to assess how their activities contribute to the fossil fuel-driven climate crisis and disclose how worsening extreme weather and efforts to mitigate and adapt to it are likely to affect profitability—though they emphasized the need for […]

March 23rd

‘Net-Zero’? Europe’s top banks have pumped $400 billion into oil and gas since 2016

Scientists have warned repeatedly that avoiding the most catastrophic consequences of the climate crisis requires a rapid and just transition away from fossil fuels, and yet the largest 25 European banks—all purportedly committed to “net-zero” goals—have provided more than $400 billion in financing to 50 corporations expanding oil and gas production since 2016, with no signs of slowing down. By Kenny […]

February 15th