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The US needs a macrogrid to move electricity from areas that make it to areas that need it

Many kinds of extreme events can disrupt electricity service, including hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, wildfires, extreme heat, extreme cold and extended droughts. Major disasters can leave thousands of people in the dark. The Texas deep freeze in February knocked out 40% of the state’s electric generating capacity. James D. McCalley, Iowa State University The Conversation During […]

April 6th

The Texas blackouts showed how climate extremes threaten energy systems across the US

Pundits and politicians have been quick to point fingers over the debacle in Texas that left millions without power or clean water during February’s deep freeze. Many have blamed the state’s deregulated electricity market, arguing that Texas prioritized cheap power over reliability. By Roshanak (Roshi) Nateghi, Purdue University The Conversation But climate extremes are wreaking […]

March 3rd

When Texas froze over, there was Hell to pay

I’ve been thinking a lot about water. And power. And Texas. You know from the news they’ve been grappling with a crisis there brought on by unexpectedly wicked winter weather. And made worse by an incompetent, ill-prepared Republican state government that, as LBJ used to say, couldn’t pour sand out of a boot, even if […]

March 1st

Texas freeze: What’s behind $15,000 electricity bills?

Texans who made it through February’s extreme cold weather without losing power or natural gas must have felt lucky. But for some, keeping their electricity through the blackout may turn out to be more traumatic than losing it. An undetermined number of homeowners have been shocked to receive bills running into the thousands of dollars […]

February 28th

Lessons from the Texas freeze: 5 ways to strengthen US energy resilience

Even as people are suffering through the harshest winter storm Texas has seen in decades, the reasons for the state’s devastating power grid failure have become a political battleground. While vulnerable people freeze in their homes, pundits snipe about whether wind turbines are to blame. By Jennifer Layke, Karl Hausker and Lori Bird World Resources […]

February 22nd