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Cleantech Revolution: Data centers have a role to play in meeting renewable energy goals

What is the environmental impact of paying by Visa? Participating in a Zoom conference call? Reading this article? The information we transmit and store through the seemingly invisible Internet is physically housed in data centers, or facilities companies use for their routers, switches, servers, and other systems vital to operation. Data centers can be massive […]

February 28th

Disney powers up Epcot Center with new 270-acre solar farm

Last year we wrote about Disney’s plans to install a 50MW solar farm to provide power for its theme parks, and we now have confirmation that it has brought a new 270-acre solar farm online in Florida. The new solar farm joins the infamous Mickey-shaped 5MW solar park that Disney installed next to its Epcot […]

February 24th

How cities can support EV charging networks

As part of CleanTechnica’s Cleantech Revolution Tour in Warsaw, Poland, Zachary Shahan began a panel discussion about the hurdles, potential, and best practices of EV charging infrastructure. His group of panelists constituted truly early adopters and early entrepreneurs in the transition, mostly EV charging leaders who were able to tell more about the difficulties of starting infrastructure, especially […]

February 18th

Does the EV clean revolution include fossil fuel dinosaurs like Shell and BP?

The EV world stops when it’s time for a Tesla shareholder call, but another significant development occurred in late January when Shell New Energies US, LLL, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shell, acquired Greenlots, an electric car charging software and hardware company. The acquisition raises questions about fossil-fuel companies and their approach with the electric vehicle charging […]

February 16th

Pipelines are a leaky, dirty dead-end. Let’s build clean infrastructure instead.

Although pipelines have been facing a number of setbacks recently, pro-pipeline groups aren’t giving up. One of those is Grow America’s Infrastructure Now (GAIN), which came to our attention because it’s recently begun sponsoring the Washington Examiner’s daily energy newsletter. By Climate Denier Roundup GAIN’s website simply describes the group as supporting strengthening infrastructure development and only mentions […]

February 15th

One way to fight climate change: Filling potholes, fixing roads

With Democrats in control of the House of Representatives and Republicans in control of the Senate, Congress is unlikely to produce any significant legislation on divisive issues like climate change. However, lawmakers may tackle the carbon crisis by other means, including through legislation on infrastructure, one possible area of compromise. By Marlene Cimons Nexus Media […]

January 31st