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Private equity firm sucked millions out of Warrior Coal. Now workers strike for fairness

As Alabama miners continue their seven-month strike against Warrior Met Coal, a trio of U.S. senators on Tuesday sent letters of inquiry to the private equity firms the lawmakers say “made off like bandits” after taking over the company while workers “endured severe cuts to pay and benefits” in order to ensure its success. By Brett […]

November 24th

Earth Matters: COP26 roundup; new U.S. drilling leases ignore climate summit warnings; resurrecting Diablo Canyon

The final declaration of the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow will move the world inches forward in combatting the climate crisis when we need to move miles. By Meteor Blades Not that the summit has been without strong warnings about the impacts of inadequate action. Those have come from U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, from leaders ranging […]

November 17th

Investment in solar beats fossil fuels for job creation (And we’ll need 1 million more solar jobs over the next 15 years)

Back in May when most of the nation’s attention was focused on what appeared to be light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, the Solar Foundation published its 11th annual census of jobs in the solar field during 2020. Because of the pandemic, the solar workforce fell by 6.7% to 231,474 workers last year. […]

October 28th

Climate-friendly investments like solar and wind can create more jobs per dollar than polluting alternatives

The coronavirus pandemic has been the biggest disruption to the global labor force in generations. It’s also exacerbated inequality. Global unemployment was equivalent to 127 million full-time jobs in the second quarter of 2021. The number of people who do have jobs but are living in poverty has increased – undoing five years of progress. While in some countries […]

October 22nd

Cory Doctorow: If $3.5 trillion is too much, fund infrastructure for 4 years (and let the GOP try to repeal it!)

Last week, millions played Congressional Kremlinology, guessing when House/Senate Dems would have the votes for the $3.5T reconciliation package, playing Fantasy Football Sophie’s Choice to cut programs if corporate Dems whittle it down. By Corey Doctorow Pluralistic But as Harold Meyerson writes for The American Prospect, there’s a high-stakes, high-risk gambit that would let the […]

October 4th

Why are supposedly green companies tanking our one chance at a climate bill?

Big Business is trying to block the passage of Democrats’ $3.5 trillion climate and social spending legislation and environmentalists are pissed, Politico reports. “Was it all bullshit?” Lori Lodes, executive director of Climate Power, rhetorically asked of previous statements by corporations that claim to support climate action but remain members of trade groups lobbying to […]

September 15th

Labor Day: How union workers are driving a cleaner future

In honor of Labor Day, we’re reposting this piece from Earth Day 2018, on the importance of Union workers to a clean energy future. By Kim Glas Executive Director of the BlueGreen Alliance When you think of Earth Day, your first thought probably isn’t about how labor union members were pivotal in the success of […]

September 6th

Labor Day: As we move away from oil and coal, ensuring a fair transition for US fossil fuel workers

Long before the coronavirus (COVID-19) hit and oil prices collapsed, the U.S. fossil fuel industry and its workers were vulnerable. Threats included increasing cost-competitiveness of renewable energy compared to fossil fuels, investor concerns about financial risks and stranded assets, and a changing policy landscape (at state and local levels at least) seeking to meet decarbonization […]

September 6th

Clean energy jobs: Here’s how we can make a just transition to a zero-carbon world.

The global shift to a green economy could create 18 million jobs, with the potential to provide high-quality employment and livelihoods around the world. But what about the people and communities whose livelihoods, right now, depend on the fossil fuel or other high-carbon sectors? An estimated 6 million jobs in coal-powered electricity, petroleum extraction and other sectors could […]

August 29th

Why we urgently need a Civilian Climate Corps

When you think of the New Deal, what comes to mind? For many Americans, the era has an enduring physical legacy in our parks, tree lines, and trails. From 1933 to 1942, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) enlisted over 3 million men between 18 and 25, planted 3 billion trees, fortified over 700 parks, […]

August 29th

How laid-off coal miners are reclaiming their own economy

For generations, hundreds of thousands of West Virginia coal miners earned a good living. The money they made supported local economies in towns across Appalachia. And their labor down in deep mines brought light to the rest of the world. But this prosperity came at a high price. Mountains were blown to pieces, rivers ran […]

August 28th

Is Microsoft’s sustainability approach enough?

It’s hard to imagine a professional or educational scenario where Word, Powerpoint, or Excel would not be applicable. Beyond these indispensable software programs, it is difficult to envision the gaming industry without the Xbox. Whether in the office, at school, or in the home, Microsoft has an omnipresent hold on all our daily lives.  As […]

August 27th

Progressive and Conservative Dems spar over $3.5 trillion reconciliation budget bill full of climate priorities

Addressing the nine conservative House Democrats threatening to vote down their party’s $3.5 trillion budget resolution, Rep. Pramila Jayapal of Washington said Sunday that there’s nothing “moderate” about tanking an effort to expand Medicare, invest in green energy development, and establish long-overdue paid family and medical leave programs. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams “We can’t call people moderate Democrats […]

August 17th

The Energy Sector Innovation Credit rewards creativity and fosters a clean energy economy

Congratulations to Senators Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and Mike Crapo (R-ID) for the introduction of The Energy Sector Innovation Credit (ESIC) legislation. By The Evangelical Environmental Network Rev. Mitch Hescox, President of the Evangelical Environmental Network, released the following statement in response: “As a ministry that believes in allowing individuals to flourish with their God-given talent, […]

Cloture vote succeeds for Bipartisan Infrastructure bill – what’s next

As the United States Senate on Saturday voted to advance a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package, progressive lawmakers warned that they will not vote for the proposed legislation if it does not adequately fund human needs such as healthcare, housing, and climate action. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams Saturday’s 67-27 Senate cloture vote on the 2,700-page Infrastructure Investment […]

August 8th