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Which banks are the worst? Royal Bank of Canada funds tar sands

The Rainforest Action Network named the Royal Bank of Canada last year’s most environmentally and socially irresponsible company. Without RBC funding, the tar sands project – one of the most environmentally devastating projects on the planet – wouldn’t be going forward. (See: “It’s not jobs vs environment – it’s clean jobs vs dirty jobs“) As activist […]

October 24th

New video: inside Citibank as guards prevent Occupy Wall Street demonstrators from leaving.

A new video has been posted from inside the Citibank in New York City that was the scene of mass arrests on Saturday.
The video clearly shows Occupy Wall Street protesters, who had come to the branch to close their Citibank accounts, trying to leave. They are prevented from doing so by Citibank security guards and a man in a grey sweater who never identifies himself, but tells them, “It’s too late.”
Soon police show up and tell the demonstrators they are all under arrest for criminal trespass – even as the occupiers say “We were never given a warning by police officers.”

October 20th

It’s not jobs vs environment – it’s clean jobs vs dirty jobs

The President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness released a report yesterday that presents a compelling case why the clean energy sector is critical to the United States’ economic recovery and future job growth. TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline is not only inconsistent with our country’s energy goals, it would strengthen ongoing efforts to derail the growth of clean energy in the United States.

October 12th

James Howard Kunstler: Occupy Everything

I dropped in on the Occupy Wall Street crowd down in Zuccotti Park last Thursday. It was like 1968 all over again, except there was no weed wafting on the breeze (another WTF?). The Boomer-owned-and-operated media was complaining about them all week. They were “coddled trust-funders” (an odd accusation made by people whose college enrollment status got them a draft deferment, back when college cost $500 a year). Then there was the persistent nagging over the “lack of an agenda,” as if the US Department of Energy, or the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs was doing a whole lot better

This is the funniest part to me: that leaders of a nation incapable of constructing a coherent consensus about reality can accuse its youth of not having a clear program. If the OWS movement stands for anything, it’s a dire protest against the country’s leaders’ lack of a clear program.

October 11th

Obama’s jobs plan: Looking for the green

Here’s an overview of the details of President Obama’s jobs bill.

There isn’t much that has a green component… Some are more directly green, such as money to renovate schools that will include energy-saving insulation. Some of them are more of a stretch…

September 8th

Where are the jobs? It’s the green sector…

Tonight President Obama will present his plan for putting Americans back to work. He’s got no small task in front of him. There aren’t any easy answers for how to create jobs in this dismal economy.
But there is one bright spot that’s likely to get short shrift tonight on both sides of the aisle, so let me shine a bright light on a corner of our economy that is actually growing jobs: clean energy.

September 8th