Election 2016

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Trump vs Clinton debate. How many lies? (Liveblog)

By Jeremy Bloom (Image by Fusion) First hint, to the press: Treat the candidates equally. If Trump says something that would cause Clinton to lose the debate, call him on it. And vice versa, of course. Opening statement: Clinton looks personable and calm, but she’s doing a laundry list. She’s going to have to watch […]

September 26th

Trump putting climate denier in charge of EPA?

By Meteor Blades Back in 2007, Myron Ebell said: “Every interview I do, when I’m asked about scientific issues, I say I’m not a climate scientist. I’m just giving you the informed layman’s perspective.” Too modest by far—then and now. Ebell certainly is not a climate scientist. He is instead a disinformation specialist on global warming, working out of the D.C. offices […]

September 26th

Clinton vs Trump vs Congress on fixing America’s decrepit infrastructure

By Meteor Blades Both Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump have laid out plans for tens of billions to be spent on restoring America’s infrastructure as well as innovating some modernization. Clinton’s $275 billion, five-year plan, not surprisingly, contains solid detail. In place of specifics, Trump’s plan, which proposes $1 trillion in spending and leverage over the same period, depends, as you […]

September 20th

Candidates give their answers on climate change. Trump fails BIG TIME

By Meteor Blades On Tuesday, the non-partisan ScienceDebate.org released answers to 20 science-related questions it had posed to the four leading presidential candidates. Only three of them responded: Democrat Hillary Clinton, Green Party nominee Jill Stein, and Republican Donald Trump. Libertarian Gary Johnson apparently couldn’t be bothered. The questions covered a wide range of topics, from research, […]

September 15th

Bill Moyers – We the Plutocrats vs We the People

By Meteor Blades Sometimes, an excerpt—even a long one —simply doesn’t do justice to an essay. Since that is the case with Bill Moyers’ piece “We, the Plutocrats vs. We, the People—Saving the Soul of Democracy,” first published by TomDispatch, I’m only providing the link along with his ending paragraph. I know some of you may click that link and upon […]

September 15th

Full text of the Obama Admin statement shutting down the DAPL pipeline

The Department of Justice, the Department of the Army and the Department of the Interior issued the following statement regarding Standing Rock Sioux Tribe v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: “We appreciate the District Court’s opinion on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act.  However, important issues raised by […]

September 9th

James Howard Kunstler – Dark dynamics

By James Howard Kunstler What the world is witnessing, without actually paying much attention, is the death of our debt-based economy — that is, borrowing the means to thrive in the now from a future that can’t really furnish it anymore. The illusion that the future would always provide was a legacy of the cheap […]

August 22nd

Shit Trump supporters say – Daily Show video

By Jeremy Bloom What kind of people do we want in America? Only great American people! Fortunately, Donald Trump has a solution: “We should only admit into this country people who share our values and respect our people. I call it Extreme Vetting. I call it EXTREME. EXTREME vetting.” Yes, he really talks like that. It’s […]

August 19th

James Howard Kunstler – Burning down the House

By James Howard Kunstler There’s a new feature to the Anything-Goes-and-Nothing-Matters economy: Nothing-Adds-Up. The magicians who pretend to measure the growth of GDP (Gross Domestic Product — the monetary value of all the finished goods and services) came up with a second quarter “adjusted” figure of 1.2 percent. That would have to be construed by […]

August 15th