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Sunday Train – Death of Peak Oil? Not so fast.

by BruceMcF From Earth Insight by Nafeez Ahmed, hosted by the Guardian, Former BP geologist: peak oil is here and it will ‘break economies’: Dr. Richard G. Miller, who worked for BP from 1985 before retiring in 2008, said that official data from the International Energy Agency (IEA), US Energy Information Administration (EIA), International Monetary Fund (IMF), […]

January 12th

James Howard Kunstler – The end of pretend

By James Howard Kunstler If being wealthy was the same as pretending to be wealthy then people who care about reality would have a little less to complain about. But pretending is a poor way for a society to negotiate its way through history. It makes for accumulating distortions which eventually undermine the society’s ability […]

December 30th

Tom Steyer, Clean Energy Investor, On The Way Forward

As a vocal critic of the Keystone XL pipeline fiasco proposal, Tom Steyer is hardly alone. Public opinion has definitively shifted against the pipeline, but the oil industry and its political allies are still rolling out an aggressive PR campaign to try to convince Americans that we somehow need the pipeline that will only create […]

August 21st

Keystone XL pipeline would raise U.S. gas prices – and Obama notices

The oil industry has constantly touted the Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada as a glorious project to increase petroleum supplies for U.S. consumers and provide thousands of jobs for the unemployed, but a new study reveals that the construction of the pipeline would actually cost U.S. consumers dearly at the gas pumps. The White House […]

July 30th

Action! Locals blockade Utah tar sands strip mine

Dozens of individuals peacefully disrupted road construction and stopped operations today at the site of a proposed tar sands mine in the Bookcliffs range of southeastern Utah. Earlier this morning, Utah residents joined members of indigenous tribes from the Four Corners region and allies from across the country for a water ceremony inside the mine […]

July 29th

What Obama’s climate announcement means for coal and clean energy

By Mary Anne Hitt Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign If you’re reading this post, then you are part of the last generation of people who will have the chance to stop runaway climate disruption. Coal-fired power plants are the nation’s single biggest source of the carbon pollution that threatens our kids’ future, and today President Obama made […]

June 25th

EPA – Get real, tar sands oil is DIFFERENT

The EPA is now calling on tar sands pipelines – like the Keystone XL – to be treated differently from regular oil pipelines, according to this NPR report. That’s just recognizing reality. Tar sands oil – technically diluted bitumen, or dilbit – IS different from regular oil. Bitumen is heavy, dense, and sticky. In order […]

June 19th

Can Australia frack its way to energy supremacy? Not so fast…

There have been reports of a huge energy find in the Australian outback. Some outlets are breathlessly reporting the shale oil reserves around the tiny town of Coober Pedy in the Arckaringa region could be worth $20 trillion. But there are a few problems with that idea – starting with the basics: Shale oil means […]

March 5th

State of the Green Union 2013 – It’s climate change, stupid!

He spoke about peace. He spoke about the middle class. He spoke about health care. And he also came out strong about the environment. Could we be looking at a major shift in President Obama’s second term? He spoke about putting the nation’s interests before party and reasonable compromise – although I doubt he expected […]

February 12th

Marco Rubio’s GOP response to the State of the Union 2013

GOP State of the Union Response by Senator Marco Rubio, as Prepared for Delivery Watch the speech, then read the full text… More state of the Union coverage: The Green elements of the SOTU (a LOT!) SOTU Reactions (plus Drinking Game!) Obama’s full speach (text + video) Rand Paul’s Tea Party tap dance (text + video) Good evening. I’m […]

February 12th

James Howard Kunstler: Bull, bonds, and fiscal ballet

By James Howard Kunstler How hilarious is the Federal Reserve’s cattle drive of cash money (i.e. liquidity) into the stock markets? I’ll tell you: if that cash is outflow from bonds that pay ZIRP interest rates, then this attempt to stampede investment into the stock market is only going to succeed in ravaging the bond […]

February 4th