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Govt Shutdown: GOP backs down from its war on the EPA?

April 8th, 2011 | by Jeremy Bloom

There may be good news on the government shutdown front for the Environmental Protection Agency. Yesterday, it looked like the House Republicans, in thrall to their "cut EVERYTHING" Tea-Party wing, were going to allow the government to shut down over their intransigence on two items: Slashing the EPA (as well as blocking it from acting on climate change), and slashing funding for Planned Parenthood (which gets money for women's health services - NOT abortion)

GOP Votes to Repeal Climate Science

April 7th, 2011 | by Jeremy Bloom

Well, the House went ahead and did it today, voting 255-172 to strip the Environmental Protection Agency of any possible option for fighting climate change and global warming. The Tea Party wing of the GOP (which is pretty much everyone at this point) argued that the science isn't settled yet. They argued that the EPA went too far. They argued that it would kill jobs. They argued that it should be Congress that sets policy, not "unelected bureaucrats" (although it was the Supreme Court and a bunch of states that reminded the EPA during the Bush years that they had to enforce the Clean Air Act, which was pretty clear on the issue)

House GOP lying about gas prices

March 14th, 2011 | by Guest Contributor

In the fantasyland that passes for political debate in Washington, House Republicans are going all-out to blame high gas prices on – you guessed it – the Environmental Protection Agency. Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton is hawking the gas price snake oil as House leadership rams through legislation to block EPA from curbing dangerous carbon pollution

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