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GOP Wants you to Breathe More Mercury

Mercury is bad. Nobody disagrees with that. But As part of their anti-EPA agenda, the new GOP/Tea Party Congressional Majority is pushing to roll back the EPA’s new rules on mercury emissions from cement plants – the third largest source in the US. Key phrases: “Jobkilling” and “powergrab”. Here’s the backstory on the rule, issued […]

January 8th

Interior Department on the right track on fracking, but some Members of Congress get it wrong

By Amy Mall, Senior Policy Analyst, Natural Resources Defense Counsel Last week, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar held a public forum to discuss the best practices for hydraulic fracturing in oil and natural gas production. The forum included discussion by federal and state officials as well as representatives from industry and from environmental and sportsmen’s organizations. […]

December 14th

Speak Out Now – EPA to Regulate Toxic Coal Ash

(From our sister blog, Planetsave.com) Coal power plants are by far the biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in this country. Their pollution is making our planet a more dangerous place to live. But these coal plants also create a by-product waste called “coal ash.”  Coal ash contains toxic chemicals like arsenic, mercury and lead […]

November 18th