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How the admin chickened out on protecting farmers

I’m sure you’ve heard horror stories about the abusive way this country raises its chickens, cows, and pigs. But I’ll bet you didn’t realize there’s another species that’s victimized almost as much as the animals: The humans who raise them, who are caged and penned in by huge agribusiness almost as badly as the animals. […]

December 4th

JP Morgan: They’re gambling with YOUR money

Why is gambling illegal? Because the lure of easy money is a powerful inducement to do things that are stupid. We saw that in spades earlier this month, as JP Morgan ‘fessed up to the banking equivalent of dropping $2 billion dollars on stupid bets at the racetrack. The siren song of easy money can lure […]

May 24th

Fracking gets the Obama treatment

Natural gas fracking is spreading wildly, with very little oversight – especially in states like Pennsylvania, which was pretty much bought outright by the energy industry in the 2010 election. Now, President Obama appears to be making moves to take up some of that slack. He signed an executive order today that sets up a […]

April 13th

Snake oil salesmen

By James Howard Kunstler Those frightening sounds, sights, and odors on the wind this foreboding snowless winter – like emanations from some back ward of a global psychiatric hospital – are the signs of a nation going completely mad. The traumatic rise of oil prices above the $100 level is one irritant, prompting a range […]

February 27th

Monsanto employees in the halls of government (part 2)

How bad is the revolving door between Monsanto and government? This handy chart (from geke.us) pretty much sums it up. Monsanto has been particularly talented at vacuuming up well connected ex-Congressmen, Senators and other government officials to go back and lobby the government, using their connections for the company’s benefit. And it also has been […]

February 2nd

GOP response to the SOTU: more of the same

Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana is a rising star in the Republican Party (some even wish he was running for President right now), which is why he was chosen to respond to President Obama’s State of the Union (full text and video at this link) . But if anyone was expecting anything other than the standard […]

January 24th

State of the Environmental Union, 2012

By many standards, Barack Obama has been the greenest President in our lifetime. Sure, he still has lots to do, and in his State of the Union address (full text and video at this link) he talked about that tonight. He said he won’t back down from sensible environmental regulation; he’s committed do moving forward […]

January 24th

Brown, Salazar continue to push for Peripheral Canal

California Governor Jerry Brown and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar on December 19 reaffirmed their “strong mutual resolve” to moving forward with the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) to build a peripheral canal, in spite of strong opposition by Delta advocates. They also “reinforced their joint commitment to effective action to achieve the dual goals of […]

December 20th

Cities coordinating crackdowns on Occupy Wall Street with the Federal Government.

This is just nuts. Have Homeland Security, the FBI and other federal police agencies been helping to coordinate the actions against Occupy Wall Street over the past week? According to an anonymous Justice Department source, the Feds helped the mayors of Occupy cities plan their raids for maximum effect and minimum fallout. These included: Seek a legal reason to […]

November 15th