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Supreme Court hands Monsanto the farm

In a huge disappointment to organic food and non-GMO activists, the Supreme Court gave Monsanto a huge victory this morning. There had been some hope that they would re-evaluate the crazy notion that companies can patent life-forms. It is, after all, an idea that would have been laughed at by the founding fathers of this […]

May 13th

David Brin: Dilbert vs Skynet (battle of the transparency titans)

By David Brin Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) and I have both agreed and disagreed about transparency, for years. In his posting, Crime and Privacy, he has opined, for example, that  “Ironically, the more the government clamps down on individual privacy, the more freedom the residents will have. When the government can detect every sort of […]

James Howard Kunstler – Wishful fracking thinking

By James Howard Kunstler  Wishful thinking now runs so thick and deep across the USA that our hopes for a credible future are being drowned in a tidal wave of yellow smiley-face stories recklessly issued by institutions that ought to know better. A case in point is the Charles C. Mann’s tragically dumb cover story […]

April 30th

Can we get GMO labeling? Monsanto hates the new Right-to-Know Bill

Do Americans have the right to know what’s in our food? Do we have the right to choose to NOT eat Genetically Modified (GMO) food? The next round in the years-long battle has begun, as Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Congressman Pete DeFazio (D-OR) introduce the Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know Act (read the Senate bill here, House bill here). […]

April 30th

Europe moves to save the bees – will US follow?

It’s been pretty definitively proven that particular pesticides are decimating the world’s bees – threatening farmers and our food supply as well as wildflowers and wildlife. Definitively enough that the European Union has just moved to ban them. So the question remains – when will the US act? Neonicotinoid pesticides are a new class of […]

April 30th

Keystone XL – EPA trashes State Dept’s whitewash job

You blew it – go back and do it right. That’s what the EPA told the State Department. State was supposed to have put together a serious environmental impact statement for the Keystone XL pipeline; instead it slapped together a botched job that painted a rosy low-impact scenario… that failed to take into account the […]

April 24th

David Brin – More cool science!

By David Brin A few bits of cool science for your weekend:  Bright idea … I first saw glimmers of this some years ago. What if every light bulb in the world could also transmit data? At TED Global, Harald Haas demonstrates a device that  flickering the light from a single LED too quickly for the human eye to […]

March 29th

David Brin – Technologies that could change EVERYTHING

By David Brin Straight from the pages of Existence… though sooner than I expected… researchers now claim to have the entire Neanderthal genome in published form, as clear as that of “any person on the street.” Okay, start your countdown till someone announces she is pregnant with… That will be a real boat-rocker… …but there are other events on […]

March 29th

David Brin: Predicting the future (frequently asked questions)

By David Brin (Continuing this compilation of questions that I’m frequently asked by interviewers. This time about…) Q: Your writing touches on the impact of technology upon humanity, and its power to change our daily lives. Can you expand upon that?  Let me ask you (and the reader) this: have you ever flown through the sky? Or walked into a […]

March 26th