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Leo DiCaprio wins Oscar for Best Climate Activist!

By Meteor Blades Climate change has been invisible from both parties’ debates so far, but Leonardo DiCaprio went there as he accepted his Best Actor Oscar at the Academy Awards last night. Here’s a thought, CNN. Sign DiCaprio as guest-moderator to ask climate questions at Sunday’s debate. Here’s a transcript: And lastly, I just want to […]

February 29th

James Howard Kunstler: Django vs Zero Dark Thirty

By James Howard Kunstler I don’t go to the movies much anymore, alas, because the nearest mall cineplex — owned by a company named Regal that runs the place like a self-storage facility — is a dump with broken seats and teenage employees who forget to turn out the lights when the movie starts. But […]

January 14th

Mr. Burns endorses Mitt Romney! (video)

We all knew in our hearts that the Simpsons’ Mr. Burns was a team Romney supporter. Now it’s official. Of course, we’ll never know the identity of most of the billionaires pouring millions into SuperPAC attack ads, thanks to the Supreme Court and the Citizens United decision. But Mr. Burns is proud to support his […]

November 1st

Reaganizing the Romneybot: Watch the debate live!

The Romney campaign has been busy leaking strategy to the media as we head into tonight’s debate. In a classic of low-expectations-setting, they say the goal is to “humanize” Romney (certainly not go into detail on his actual policy positions – an area they’ve been avoiding like the plague, since Romney’s actual policies are about […]

October 3rd

Climate change: Thank God for Weathergirl

The sad secret of Election 2012: We’re screwing up the climate, it’s the biggest challenge any of us will face in our lifetime, and the oil companies have so poisoned our national dialogue that nobody is talking about this (except Angus King, the Independent Senate candidate from the great state of Maine). Thank God we […]

October 2nd