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Reaganizing the Romneybot: Watch the debate live!

The Romney campaign has been busy leaking strategy to the media as we head into tonight’s debate. In a classic of low-expectations-setting, they say the goal is to “humanize” Romney (certainly not go into detail on his actual policy positions – an area they’ve been avoiding like the plague, since Romney’s actual policies are about […]

October 3rd

Climate change: Thank God for Weathergirl

The sad secret of Election 2012: We’re screwing up the climate, it’s the biggest challenge any of us will face in our lifetime, and the oil companies have so poisoned our national dialogue that nobody is talking about this (except Angus King, the Independent Senate candidate from the great state of Maine). Thank God we […]

October 2nd

Climate change: Weathergirl goes rogue!

As we wind down from a summer of record drought and record arctic sea-ice melt, and Mitt Romney continues to make a joke out of climate change, perhaps our only hope of actually getting people to talk about the greatest disaster facing humanity in all of recorded history could be… with a little humor. We […]

September 8th

Important New film arrives next week: Koch Brothers Exposed

Possibly the biggest issue this election – far beyond the environmental consequences – is how the flood of dirty energy money from the Koch Brothers is threatening American democracy (and our jobs, homes and families!). Next month, Robert Greenwald’s new expose docutmentary, Koch Brothers Exposed, will have its world premiere in New York City on […]

March 27th

Keystone XL: It’s ALREADY taking longer to clean up tar sands spills than they said

By Rocky Kistner . Natural Resources Defense Council As TransCanada announced it would begin building the southern leg of its Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline from Oklahoma to Texas—setting the stage for a new Congressional battle over the transnational pipeline—Michigan residents are worried about a massive tar sands oil spill that persists in their backyards. That’s because thousands […]

March 2nd

Super Bowl adwatch: Halftime in America vs halfwits in America

By David Brin Has a jobs renaissance in America begun, especially in manufacturing?  There are definite signs of “in-sourcing” taking place. Oh, but that segues into Clint Eastwood’s Superbowl Chrysler commercial… and the subsequent Republican fire storm against him, by Karl Rove and others, for daring to suggest that the “bailout” of Detroit was actually a […]

February 9th

Election film of the year? Sarah Palin comes to HBO

This should be fun. Julianne Moore playing… Sarah Palin? I get sparkles… It’s Game Change from HBO films, and the trailer has just been released. Based on the book by journalists John Heilemann and Mark Halperin about the 2008 Presidential race, this should spice up the election season just as the primaries are winding down. Ed Harris also looks… […]

February 1st

Election 2012 + OWS: Watch Newt Gingrich’s devastating video that paints Romney as a job-killing one-percenter

As promised, a SuperPac associated with Newt Gingrich has released a killer video that shows just how much of a job-destroyer Mitt Romney was in his years as a venture capitalist. As President of Bain Capital, Romney epitomized everything that has gone horribly wrong with America: Talking piously about efficiency and restructuring, but in fact […]

January 12th