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Marine preserves restore ocean populations – nations need to move from pledges to realities

Billions of people around the world rely on the ocean for food, income and cultural identity. But climate change, overfishing and habitat destruction are unraveling ocean ecosystems. By Kirsten Grorud-Colvert, Oregon State University The Conversation As a marine ecologist, I study ways to improve ocean conservation and management by protecting key areas of the ocean. […]

June 18th

Thanks to soaring oil prices, fertilizer costs are up – that’s an opportunity for more sustainable agriculture

Farmers are coping with a fertilizer crisis brought on by soaring fossil fuel prices and industry consolidation. The price of synthetic fertilizer has more than doubled since 2021, causing great stress in farm country. This crunch is particularly tough on those who grow corn, which accounts for half of U.S. nitrogen fertilizer use. Kathleen Merrigan, […]

June 15th

Heartland tries to debunk science with disinfo, gets everything completely upside down (as usual)

Usually, you have to wait a few sentences for deniers to say something stupid, but a recent post at the industry-funded Heartland Insitute‘s daily disinfo hub is wrong in the very second word! This is impressive,even for Heartland’s ClimateRealism page, where past (mostly false) posts have proven that they apparently don’t understand Google, or what “proportion” means, or how natural variability and time […]

More than 90% of the spring Chinook Salmon have died in one CA river

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has just published their monitoring report on 2021’s spring Chinook salmon run on Butte Creek, a tributary of the Sacramento River in Northern California. By Dan Bacher The number of adult spring-run Chinooks that perished before spawning is worse than the preliminary estimate by the CDFW in October 2021, when the CDFW […]

June 1st

Indigenous-owned food businesses are suffering from climate chaos

Kelsey Scott is a fourth-generation rancher raising 250 head of cattle on the banks of the Missouri River, which passes through the Cheyenne River Sioux Indian Reservation where she and her family live. She’s the 125th generation to steward the Great Plains land, but the violent wheel of colonization has drastically shifted how and why […]

Biden EPA unveils ‘first-ever’ blueprint to protect endangered species from pesticides

Environmental campaigners on Tuesday cautiously embraced the Biden administration’s historic new blueprint to guard endangered species from pesticides as a much-needed step forward while also calling for more concrete moves to protect wildlife, people, and the planet. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams Welcoming the Environmental Protection Agency’s “first-ever comprehensive workplan” on the topic, Center for Biological Diversity environmental […]

April 13th

New Film Celebrates Klamath Tribal Communities, Salmon and Dam Removal

Press Release from the Karuk Tribe, Yurok Tribe • Hoopa Valley Tribe • Swiftwater Films: Bring the Salmon Home Tells Story 20 years in the making By Dan Bacher Klamath River Basin (Calif. and Ore.)  – Bring the Salmon Home is a new short documentary by Swiftwater Films. The film chronicles Klamath River tribal communities’ 320-mile relay run from the redwood-shrouded […]

April 10th

IPCC on How to Tackle Climate Change, Part 6: What impact can the food system and dietary choices have on emissions?

Limiting global warming to 1.5C or 2C would mean “rapid and deep” emissions reductions in “all sectors” of the global economy, says the latest report from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Instead, emissions have continued to rise – albeit at a slowing rate – and it will be “impossible” to stay below 1.5C with “no or […]

April 10th

Salmon are dying in California’s drought-stricken rivers, and the state dithers

As the record drought in California and the West continues and the Sacramento River watershed already begins to see die-offs of endangered Chinook salmon, Governor Gavin Newsom on March 29 announced that state, federal and local water leaders had reached “broad agreement” on a package of controversial voluntary agreements purported to provide additional water flows and new habitat […]

March 30th

Inflation: How the war in Ukraine will affect food prices

Even before the Russian army crossed into Ukraine, food prices had been on the rise for the past year. But the world has seen large jumps in the cost of food over the the last two months. By Alfons Weersink, University of Guelph and Michael von Massow, University of Guelph The Conversation Globally, food is […]

March 14th