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Congress is about to deregulate you to death

Republicans have complained for years about what they called “job killing” regulations. Since they care more about profits than people, they’re about to pass a suite of laws that will change that to the more egalitarian “killing regulations”. By Jeremy Bloom Imagine this scenario: You go to the doctor because you’re in bad shape, and he […]

June 15th

FDA okays Frankenfish – coming soon to YOUR dinner table

By Dan Bacher The federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on November 19 approved genetically engineered salmon, “Frankenfish,” as being “safe” for human consumption, in spite of massive public opposition to the decision. The Golden Gate Salmon Association (GGSA) announced it was “disappointed” in the decision, joining a broad coalition of fishing groups, environmental organizations, […]

December 3rd

USDA approves fecal-burger (Part 3)

And we’re back to the definition of insanity again. Even though a USDA pilot program has resulted in stomach-turning health and safety violations, our government is marching forward with the plan to let meat companies inspect themselves. Because really, if it takes a little feces and salmonella (or a lot) to jump-start healthy corporate profits […]

September 10th

Now the GOP wants you to cut back on meat?

One result of the impending sequester could be a meat shortage, starting in April. Remember all those fun salmonella outbreaks? The FDA has a team of inspectors that go out there and make sure your meat isn’t going to kill you, but not very many of them (hence all the outbreaks), and if the sequester […]

February 19th

Top 10 ways to green your Thanksgiving

They say that green is the new black, but that doesn’t mean you have to get all emo about it. It’s possible to be joyful and celebratory – and smart. As we officially enter the season of holiday cheer, holiday shopping and holiday excess, we can all think about the planet, too… Getting There – Thanksgiving […]

November 21st

George McGovern, 1922-2012. A war hero and an anti-war hero

George McGovern, the staunch liberal Democrat who challenged Nixon in 1972 and lost in a landslide, has died. He was a warrior and a champion of peace, a bomber pilot who laid the groundwork for a movement known as Food not Bombs, and a liberal environmentalist who won over conservative farmers to the fight against […]

October 22nd

Pink slime fights back!

Last year, we told you about the grossest concoction ever developed by the US food industry: pink slime. This nasty amalgam of beef spare parts was uberproccessed to make it edible, then treated with ammonium hydroxide to kill the ugly bacteria that infested it. Then the glop was added back into ground beef and sold […]

September 15th

James Howard Kunstler: Ponzi’s End

By James Howard Kunstler Way up here in the heartland, far from the craft beer parlors, Facebook stock bucket shops, and gender obsessions of the mythical Urban Edge People, the detritus of your country is up for sale. The lawns are strewn with the plastic effluvia of lives lived through humankind’s weirdest moment: Pee Wee […]

James Howard Kunstler: All is swindle, from Goldman to Statins

America’s top curmudgeon explains why he stopped listening to both his pill doc AND his vegan diet guru. By James Howard Kunstler This still moment on the verge of spring equinox, industrial civilization is taking a rest from its travails of finance and economy. The creaking and groaning vehicle of world banking lurches forward with […]

March 20th

Finally: Wasteful corn ethanol subsidies ending

By Sasha Lyutse Natural Resources Defense Council I turn 30 this weekend. That means that for my whole life, the corn ethanol industry has been receiving federal subsidies. From the Energy Tax Act of 1978, which gave ethanol its first tax exemption, to the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004, which put in place the Volumetric […]

December 26th

What’s next for the secret Farm Bill

By Heather Carr (Cross-posted from our sister-blog, EatDrinkBetter) The SuperCommittee admitted defeat yesterday. The budget cuts will have to be decided by Congress (all of Congress, democratically) and the U.S. Farm Bill is still being written. What now? The Farm Bill has been discussed behind closed doors for months now and we’ve only been able […]

November 23rd