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COP26: Key outcomes for food, forests, land use and nature in Glasgow

Coming into COP26 in Glasgow, nature was expected to feature heavily at the summit – one-fourth of UK prime minister Boris Johnson’s mantra of “coal, cars, cash and trees”. Food systems – despite the growing recognition of their role as both a source of and solution to climate change – were not so prominently featured on […]

November 19th

Big Ag furious after EPA determines top herbicides driving vulnerable species toward extinction

As Big Ag fumed Monday over a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency determination that herbicides including the endocrine-disrupting atrazine and carcinogenic glyphosate are likely to harm more than 1,600 protected plant and animal species, environmentalists pointed to the agency’s findings as proof of the need for stricter limits on the use of the dangerous poisons.   By Brett Wilkins […]

November 16th

New analysis details immense scale of corporate water abuses in California

Yesterday, the national advocacy organization Food & Water Watch released “Big Ag, Big Oil and California’s Big Water Problem,” a report detailing for the first time California’s most egregious corporate water misuses. By Dan Bacher “The piece pinpoints industrial agriculture as among the worst offenders, swallowing large portions of California’s water resources and exporting billions […]

October 13th

Smarter farm subsidies can drive ecosystem restoration

Every year, governments give out $700 billion in agricultural subsidies globally. Though well-intentioned, these farm subsidies sometimes work against their core goal: boosting crop yields and farmer incomes while developing rural areas. By Helen Ding, Will Anderson and René Zamora Crystales World Resources Institute Farm subsidies can also inadvertently drive people to clear forests to produce commodities like soy and beef, which caused […]

September 5th

EcoRight Speaks podcast: Bart Hansen on climate change’s impact on winemaking

I have a gold medal show for you, listeners. Today’s guest is Bart Hansen, the founder and owner of Dane Cellars, a winery in Sonoma Valley, California. With a lifelong passion for fine wine, Bart became a winemaker early on in his career. Then in 2007 he and his wife opened their own place where they make […]

August 4th

Carbon extraction farming: Cover crops

There’s a new policy to fight climate change: incentives given to farmers to plant cover crops to extract carbon out of the air. Such cover crops are able to extract carbon out of the air and into the soil. Once in the soil, the carbon acts as an exceptionally good fertilizer for consumer crops to […]

August 1st

Last Roundup: Monsanto parent Bayer will end residential sales of glyphosate

In a move that environmental groups celebrated as a “historic victory” following years of campaigning to remove Roundup and similar weedkillers from store shelves, Bayer on Thursday announced that it will halt the sale of glyphosate-based herbicides to consumers in the U.S. lawn and garden market by 2023. Monsanto’s Roundup (Photo CC by Mike Mozart on Flickr) By Kenny Stancil […]

July 30th

Spending on waste: Proposed Federal compost act to create $2 billion in funding over 10 years

Currently, no federal policy exists that encourages or provides resources to mobilize a national composting effort, though several states do have policies that support and recognize the benefits of composting. Furthermore, The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) does not yet recognize composting as an approved conservation practice, thus rendering composting ineligible for USDA conservation program funding and […]

July 24th

How climate action can reboot economies in rural America

Many rural counties in the United States face the dual challenges of lagging economic growth and increasingly severe effects of climate change. While urban areas are not uniformly prosperous and rural areas are not uniformly poor, rural communities on average lag behind their urban counterparts on most key economic indicators — from poverty rates to […]

July 22nd

When the water runs out: Climate change and water crisis threaten the future of native tribes, fish & farmers

Climate change is inflaming a long-simmering conflict over water in the Klamath River Basin. Jeremy Deaton and Briana Flin Nexus Media News Except for a brief stint in the military, Paul Crawford has spent his entire life farming in southern Oregon. First, as a boy, chasing his dad through hayfields and now, growing alfalfa on […]

July 15th

To make agriculture more climate-friendly, carbon farming needs clear rules

As the effects of climate change intensify and paths for limiting global warming narrow, politicians, media and environmental advocates have rallied behind “carbon farming” as a mutually beneficial strategy for society, the environment and farmers. By Laura van der Pol, Colorado State University; Dale Manning, Colorado State University; Francesca Cotrufo, Colorado State University, and Megan […]

California Drought: Coalition opposes temporary urgency changes for Central Valley Water Project and State Water Project

A coalition of Delta-based groups has sent a formal Petition for Reconsideration to the State Water Board opposing the Board’s June 1 order to relax water quality standards for Delta operations of the Central Valley Project and the State Water Project. The Temporary Urgency Change Order (TUCO) was issued by the Water Board on June 1, […]

June 30th

How palm oil became the world’s most hated, most used fat source

Palm oil is everywhere today: in food, soap, lipstick, even newspaper ink. It’s been called the world’s most hated crop because of its association with deforestation in Southeast Asia. But despite boycott campaigns, the world uses more palm oil than any other vegetable oil – over 73 million tons in 2020. By Jonathan E. Robins, […]

June 26th

Citizens’ Climate Lobby applauds Senate passage of bipartisan agriculture, climate bill

Led by sponsors Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) and Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), the Growing Climate Solutions Act has achieved a major milestone: passage in the U.S. Senate. This week the bill came up for a floor vote and was passed with a vote of 92 to 8. By Flannery Winchester Citizens’ Climate Lobby This legislation recognizes […]

Restoring land around abandoned oil and gas wells would free up millions of acres of forests, farmlands and grasslands

President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan proposes to spend US$16 billion plugging old oil and gas wells and cleaning up abandoned mines. But there’s no authoritative measure of how many of these sites exist across the nation. By Matthew D. Moran, Hendrix College The Conversation In a recent study, my colleagues and I sought to account […]

June 24th