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Five reasons to reject Tom Vilsack – USDA nominee’s pro-corporate record speaks for itself

On Tuesday, the Senate Agriculture Committee will hold a confirmation hearing for Agriculture Secretary nominee Tom Vilsack. But Vilsack’s record as Agriculture Secretary under President Obama shows his allegiance is to big agribusiness — not farmers, workers, and consumers. That’s why a broad coalition of environmentalists, family farm advocates, and social justice advocates opposes his nomination. By Food […]

February 2nd

Biden’s dirty dozen: Watchdog raises issue of USDA nominee Vilsack’s “Disturbing repression of science”

On top of concerns about his close industry ties, corporate-friendly policy record, and alarming civil rights history, President Joe Biden’s Agriculture Secretary nominee Tom Vilsack is also facing scrutiny over what one watchdog organization on Friday characterized as “disturbing” evidence that he improperly meddled in and suppressed scientific research during his previous tenure as head of USDA. By Jake Johnson Common […]

February 1st

Corporate Dem Tom Vilsack is the reason urban and rural voters must unite to fight corporate agribusiness

If progressives ever want to gain more votes in rural America, they must rid the Democratic Party of the Corporate Agribusiness stranglehold over everything rural and strike fear into any politician who attempts to pander to those interests. By Bryce Oates, Jake Davis Common Dreams While there is increasing concern about the direction of Joe […]

December 13th

Biden could use the Department of Agriculture to address the rural crisis (not push the disastrous big ag status quo)

Years ago, Robert Kennedy noted that progress is hard. “Progress is nice,” he said, “but its agent is change, and change has its enemies.” Kennedy’s recognition that gutsy, honest leadership is necessary to confront wealthy interests and advance the common good directly applies to one of the most important Cabinet appointments that Joe Biden will make: secretary […]

December 2nd

To save threatened plants and animals, restore habitat on farms, ranches and other working lands

Restoring native habitats to at least 20% of the world’s land currently being used by humans for farming, ranching and forestry is necessary to protect biodiversity and slow species loss, according to a newly published study conducted by a team of environmental scientists including us. By Lucas Alejandro Garibaldi, Universidad Nacional de Rio Negro; Claire Kremen, […]

November 4th

Heartland is confused about how Google works. And it’s also stupid about climate.

Imitation being the most sincere form of flattery, we’ve been bemusedly watching Heartland’s daily attempts to debunk “alarmism” at their Climate Realism website — even though it got boring quick because all the pieces are remarkably similar. Their formula is this: search “climate change,” on Google News, click on whatever shows up first, excerpt heavily […]

October 27th